Verizon Partners With Chibi Labs for Promotional Valentine’s Day NFT

Verizon is dipping its telecom-giant toe into a bit further into Web3. The telecom is offering an NFT created by Chibi Labs to people who tweet about tragically failed Valentine’s Day gifts they have received. The “Token of Love” promotion was announced in a Verizon tweet.

The NFTs will be given to randomly selected people who tweet before Feb. 6 about their worst Valentine’s Day gift and tag the tweet with #MakeItUltra, which shines a bit light on Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband campaign announced last month. The complete rules are here.

Verizon is exploring the NFT space. It offers the Verizon Digital Collectables and has quietly stated it sees huge potential for NFTs. Regardless whether the Valentine’s Day NFT promotion succeeds for Verizon, it’s a big win for Chibi Labs, a rising Web3 star that has already sold out NFT collections (Chibi Genesis, Apes and Chibi Galaxy). The studio is known in the NFT space for futuristic 3D art, AR/VR tools for collectors, and Metaverse exploration.

“Verizon has partnered with Chibi Labs to take people’s bad Valentine’s Day gifts and turn them into high quality NFTs,” said Chibi Labs in a statement. “This is a key milestone and partnership for Chibi Labs but a massive deal for the NFT space as a whole. We anticipate that more brands will be entering the space but this is one of the largest partnerships, behind the Nike and Adidas deals, thus far.”

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Peter Page is the Contributions Editor at Block Telegraph News. On the editorial staff, he also run the Partner Content Program.

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