News Tip

Tell us what you know

Have you come across newsworthy tips or evidence of wrongdoing, an upcoming event, or a product launch? Do you believe members of the public are being hurt? Investigative journalism relies on people “blow the whistle” when they find bad actors. A good tip provides: (1) documentation, (2) videos, or (3) records that can prove out your tip.

Editorial review

Editorial review consists of determining if pitched or prospected news should be covered.

Each story is assigned to an editor. The editor will be asking the following questions:

Does the article suit BlockTelegraph and its audience?

Is this a new article rather than something published elsewhere?

Is the article technically correct and does it give up-to-date advice?

We protect our sources

We can investigate best if we know who you are and have a chance to discuss your news with you, even if you want to speak in confidence. We know that news sources can risk serious retaliation, so we in all cases on your request agree to keep sources and your source material confidential. When we do agree to keep you anonymous, we will do everything in our power to prevent handing over your identity.

You can also use send mail to us in the United States — our address is on this page.

You might want to send us info without revealing your identity and then contact us directly to have a discussion, either on-the-record or in confidence, without leaving a paper-trail. Below you will find ways to get in touch with us.

Email Us

You can also send us encrypted email using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) software. If you have a preferred PGP tool feel free to use that. Who you communicate with will usually be stored, but the contents of the message will be encrypted.

Send Us Mail

Regular postal mail also lets you securely communicate. Drop documents or other information in a postal box:

119 W 24th Street FL4
New York, NY 10011