Tino Vivo, Co-founder of Kollectiff, Tells How His Web3 Agency Partnered With DRESSX


Among the charms of the metaverse is how much it resembles the tangible world except, of course, that it is entirely virtual. This includes business partnerships, such the one Tino Vivo, co-founder of Kollectiff, a web3 studio leveraging emerging technologies to create engaging and connected brand experiences, recently announced with digital fashion brand DRESSX. Vivo shared details of the partnership, their limited edition NFT Metahelmets as part of The M.T.A (Metaverse Travel Agency). DRESSX provided a unique utility for the owners of the Metahelmets to wear the items via Augmented Reality (AR). The link to the first Metahemet on DRESSX can be found here.

The Kollectiff/DRESSX partnership includes an event in Decentraland this Saturday Dec. 18th in Decentraland, a contest, and a whole M.T.A Collection on DressX.

How did the relationship between DRESSX and M.T.A/Kollectiff come about?

Tino Vivo: During 2021’s Bitcoin Conference we met a lot of cool and interesting folks like Patricio Worthalter (POAP), Fewocious, and others, as well as Anasthasia. Back in LA, after the conference we were working on this metaverse fashion project called the MTA, still in touch with Anastasia, she introduced us to a friend of hers Natalia (COO of DressX) and then Natalia introduced us to Daria (CEO of DressX) and we immediately clicked, we are aligned in so many ways and working together has been a pleasure.

What was the development of the Metahelmets process like? When will the branded DRESSX helmets be available?

Tino Vivo: The development of the Metahelmets has been a collection of months and months of hard work. From the asset design to their meticulous optimization for each metaverse (Decentraland & Sandbox), the quantum machine, the build and development of MTA’s metaverse HQ, and the many things we keep developing. It has truly been a research and innovation hub for us. Our collaboration with DressX is in the works, a few of our Metahelmets are already available to their owners for AR digital try-on on their platform. A very exclusive limited collection of MetaHelmets is being developed in collaboration with DressX as well. To be released Q1 2022.

What can people expect from the upcoming full collection?

Tino Vivo: DressX is the leader in Digital Fashion as such they have a unique sensibility in design and aesthetics. We can all expect their take on a Metahelmet to be as fashionable and unique as they are.

What do you think the appeal of digital fashion is and where do you see it going?

Tino Vivo: We live in a hyperconnected digital world where there are very few ways of showing identity, style, or personality on digital platforms. I believe avatars and wearables will become the way we show ourselves to the virtual world. With the metaverse becoming an increasingly popular digital destination, people will be able to wear their status and symbols the same way they do IRL.

I also believe that AR digital fashion is a smart and less carbon-intensive way of looking awesome for your fans on social media.

With the release of AR glasses coming very soon I believe that digital fashion will become an increasingly popular flex since there are so many layers one can do IRL, digital has no limits, holograms, fire, sparkles, animated objects are all on the table. picture yourself having a superman cape made of fire while walking through Times Square OR wearing a King’s Crown or Lion’s Head.

What other industries (outside fashion) do you see as the right partnership to embrace the Metaverse?

Tino Vivo: Music, Sports, and Entertainment I believe are starting to embrace the metaverse as the next frontier to reach new audiences across the globe, especially the younger generations. On the other hand, I also believe the metaverse will need to be cool to onboard new users, and the way they do it is by inviting your favorite artists, athletes, and IP to join the metaverse and build an experience for fandoms to enjoy.

What’s next for M.T.A/Kollectiff?

Tino Vivo:  The MTA has a long roadmap and we are focused on fulfilling it as well as developing some other ideas proposed by the community like the MetaForge, Staking and the MTA token, an ERC20 token with lots of utility within the MTA’s ecosystem.

Kollectiff continues its mission to bring brands to the metaverse and help them transition to the Web3 realm, with a motto ‘to innovate at all cost’. We are working with some of the best artists, IPs, and companies in the world, in an array of very different projects, from NFTs to Web3 platforms, to Metaverse experiences. Our NFT Gallery and Web3 Club will open doors on March 2022 in Abbot Kinney, Venice CA. This cool spot will serve as our physical hub where we will host exhibitions, workshops, discussion panels, and other exclusive events.

Do you have any other future events with Decentraland planned?

Tino Vivo: We have many future events planned with Decentraland, starting with the debut of the MTA’s HQ in Q1 2022  – getting everything ready before the Metaverse Fashion Festival in March.

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