Will Stablecoins, Regulation, and ETF Provide Stability for Crypto? An Inside Look With the Winklevoss Twins

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who are among the biggest holders of bitcoin and are the founders of crypto exchange Gemini, are pursuing crypto regulation....

Analysis: Ohio Leads in Cryptocurrency Acceptance

Ohio was the "first in flight." Now it claims to be the first to accept cryptocurrency. BlockTelegraph caught up with James Cooper, a Professor of Law...

A Federal Judge Just Chin-Checked the SEC. Here’s What It Means.

If the SEC were a sports team measured by its "win" rate, it would be a runaway champ. But that win-loss record suffered a mild...
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Jeff Wernick Dishes on Bitcoin, Blockchain and the Future of Money everyone that backs a cryptocurrency has a company or organization behind her. Some industry evangelists -- and sometimes the most powerful voices --...

SEC Cracks Down on Cryptocurrency Investor Registrations

Crypto hedge fund Crypto Asset Management has settled with the SEC after charges of breaking securities laws.

Cryptocurrency Taxation Just Got Nuttier with This Million-Dollar Loophole and the IRS’ “J5” Formation

The IRS wants your money -- and that means crypto gains, too.In July, the IRS announced it would be launching initiatives to “address...
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Regulations Round-Up: Tokenized Securities in Singapore, China Warns of Illegal Fundraising

Three countries, Hungary, Singapore, and China recently made move to change cryptocurrency regulations.

Tomahawk Falls: SEC Punishes Scam ICO

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) continues to investigate ICO scams. SEC has now clamped down on Tomahawk Exploration LLC.