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Live that Best Life

To most music fans, participating in a concert starts with buying a ticket, and ends with leaving the venue once the encore is over. But for concert organizers, the whole process is a massive logistical operation. Arranging a concert for a particular time and place, and ensuring all key personnel, music equipment (not to mention, diva demands) are sorted before the curtains go up.

Concerts will always be elaborate affairs to arrange, but many areas can be further optimized. Problems such as fake tickets, slow payments and queues, and insane resale prices on secondary markets can severely hamper the festival goer’s experience, well before they even enter the grounds. Central to progress in this sphere is blockchain, as it’s rise promises to bring about more comprehensive and greater efficiency. That’s why the first Best Life Music Festival will be so exciting.

Blockparty, WRLD Entertainment, and MY.AM.I Music are set to host the first of its kind music festival. From start to finish the festival will feature rich blockchain integration. The blockchain will store encrypted identities, ticket sales will utilize smart contracts, and the whole event will be overseen by the Best Life group promising to bring rich and diverse expertise to the entertainment as it unfolds.

2018 BET Award nominee for Best Female R&B/Pop Artist and Best New Artist, H.E.R., is headlining the event. She will share the stage with diverse R&B artists like Ella Mai, Tobi Lou, Snoh Aalegra, Arin Ray, and more. For blockchain fans, music fans, and those who shared a passion for both, it’s sure to be a great festival.

Amplifying Potential

Blockchain not only offers new possibilities but also a positive remedy to existing issues in the event management space that have long frustrated organizers and consumers alike. Once a big concert has been announced it’s only a matter of time before fake tickets start to appear in circulation. Even when genuine tickets are released, online ticketing sites often crash as the surge in demand goes beyond a server’s capability (even if preparations are put in place to avoid it happening). Even more, there’s the irritation of ticket scalping. Too often opportunists buy up a ton of tickets before genuine fans get a chance to buy.

Fans then are forced to make a risky decision in trusting that an available ticket is valid or having to buy a ticket from a reseller at a huge price markup. There are already some systems in place which seek to combat some of these issues but a blockchain-based solution may be the best chance consumers, and organizers have.

To some critics, blockchain is “a solution without a problem.” Anything beyond a cursory understanding of blockchain technology will show that’s not the case. Nonetheless, there remain people and industries out there yet to be convinced by the promise of blockchain adoption.

The work of Best Life is making significant inroads in this regard. As more and more everyday businesses incorporate crypto and blockchain into their operations, it not only benefits them but builds dialogue about the actual and practical use of them, here and now. This adds to the snowball effect, and with Best life’s work, there’s much excitement to see what follows on from their pioneering events.

Ed Kennedy
Ed Kennedy
Ed Kennedy is a journalist at BlockTelegraph News and a web developer from Melbourne, Australia. A keen technologist with an enduring interest in the rise of a truly digital global economy, Ed is passionate about the transformative potential blockchain offers our world.

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