RAILGUN Project Continues to Forge Valuable Partnerships in 2022

After a highly successful 2021, the RAILGUN Project is continuing into 2022 in full stride. Building and forging powerful relationships and allegiances, RAILGUN has positioned itself to be a prominent player in the cryptocurrency space. Director of Investments at DCG, Matt Beck said: “Railgun fills a clear gap in the market, and solves the privacy problem that everyone who uses crypto will come across.”

Cryptocurrency continues to advance and grow, and the tech sector hasn’t witnessed anything this explosive since mobile technology. That incredible growth has likely prompted you to ask many questions, with none being more important than those regarding privacy issues.

The RAILGUN and DCG Partnership

The Digital Currency Group (DCG), valued at more than $10B, has agreed to integrate RAILGUN’s smart contract to preserve and enforce privacy. The DCG is also the parent company of prominent businesses like CoinDesk, Grayscale Investments, and Genesis, an OTC trading desk firm.

In addition to ensuring users’ privacy, this partnership also opens up a new audience for RAILGUN. This move and the announcement in January to join forces was only one many great advancements for the RAILGUN project in recent months.

The RAILGUN and Metis Partnership

The Metis Ecosystem Development Program is designed to enable existing blockchain projects and startups (including non-blockchain projects) the benefits of scalability and functionality at low cost with improved efficiency. That results in making blockchain easier to use while making companies more sustainable.

By forging a partnership with Metis, RAILGUN has also secured a platform allowing for more influence and power in cryptographic processes. From mining to venture investments and community building, this alliance makes RAILGUN more accessible to more people and businesses.

RAILGUN Continues to Forge Valuable Partnerships

With the increasing volume of Bitcoin activity and ever more users coming on board, privacy has never been bigger in the world of cryptocurrency. That also makes RAILGUN a premier asset for investors, and businesses dealing with cryptocurrency and cryptographic processes.

While DeFi protocols are growing in popularity because they are more agile, efficient, and affordable,  RAILGUN’s Privacy System can ensure they are much less vulnerable. By solving the problem of user information always appearing on public ledgers, RAILGUN protects user privacy not  only when holding cryptocurrencies, but when interacting with DeFi protocols.

RAILGUN Empowers Privacy

If you have been concerned about the privacy issues surrounding cryptocurrency, then you aren’t alone. To put your mind at ease and to keep your activity and transactions safe and private, RAILGUN provides the answers and solutions you need.

Visit railgun.org to learn more about how you can protect your privacy in the world of cryptocurrency. RAILGUN, continuing to forge valuable relationships in 2022, and success for cryptocurrency privacy.

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