Wilder World Is the First of Many Metaverses to be Released on Powerful DAO Architectural Platform ZERO

Wilder World

Societal transformation is the result of exponential shifts in collective coordination capacity. The modern industrial city was a coordination technology that resulted in the creation of electricity, aircraft, elevators, skyscrapers, telephones and radio. Blockchains, and specifically DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) represent a new type of city; a virtual city.

A DAO can be any type of community or organization with the novel advantage of being able to program incentives for anyonewho contributes to it. Similar to how Bitcoin incentivizes miners to run the world’s largest monetary network without a company, employees or an office, DAOs generalize this principle into a system capable of coordinating any type of economic resource on the blockchain. Despite progress however, DAOs in 2021 remain difficult to setup and impractical for everyday use.

ZERO provides an all-in-one platform for building DAO-based organizations. With ZERO, a team can setup a DAO in minutes, which is coupled with a vertically integrated suite of tools for remote collaboration; including but not limited to video conferencing, secure messaging, task boards and a host of blockchain-based features. Want to connect your own DAO to your own NFT platform and require transactions in your own community currency? ZERO makes this process simple. Similar to how WordPress made it easy for nearly anyone to build a website, ZERO does the same thing for anyone wanting to build a presence on the blockchain, irrespective of their technical expertise. 

One of the most interesting aspects of DAOs compared to traditional companies is that they are decentralized, meaning that no institution or third-party organization sits in between a DAO and its members. DAOs exist according to their own internal governance; immutable rules that are coded into smart contracts on the blockchain. These rules determine how the DAO is able to allocate resources and further automate itself with code. This unlocks unexplored governance models that could eventually lead to far more progressive societal structures. Similar to how the Factory assembly line or venture-funded internet startups permanently changed the nature of work in the 20th century, DAOs on ZERO have the potential to radically reshape what work is today.

“DAOs will be to Silicon Valley, as to what Silicon Valley was to Wall Street.” 

– n3o, Chief Architect ZERO

Imagine Pixar as a global network of 3D artists working together to create the next blockbuster film, without offices, managers, and capital structures that require an immediate ROI. Imagine Google as a network of mission-driven engineers coordinating to build a privacy-preserving search engine responsible to its users. Imagine a council that sets height restrictions for new buildings in your virtual neighborhood. Or, imagine a guild of the world’s top 3D artists working together to build the Metaverse. 

Wilder World is the first large-scale DAO being built on top of ZERO. Led by enigmatic 3D Artist Frank Wilder, Wilder World is an Immersive 3D and VR-based social network inspired by Ready Player One. Wilder World is entirely owned and operated by contributors and players, and operates with its DAO and currency: The $WILD Token. 

ZERO and WILDER are being built on ZERO by The Cyber Guild and Wilder Guild; two specialized DAO-networks focused on building the core blockchain infrastructure and 3D assets that make an ambitious vision like Wilder World possible. Together they represent 70 full time creators, operating across 24 DAOs in 15 countries, with another 1,000+ artists and coders in the onboarding process. Their mission will be to coordinate creators and create assets for everything from avatars, condos, vehicles, and clothing in the Metaverse. Every object within Wilder World is itself an NFT on the Zero Protocol and unlocks dynamic gameplay abilities within the Wilder World Universe. 

ZERO is betting big on the idea that DAOs will first take off in the Metaverse, creating and coordinating the production of an entirely new type of virtual creator economy, which sits on top of our existing economy. Similar to how the iPhone enabled the mass distribution of mp3 technology in the early 2000s, VR devices and play-to-earn games will bring virtual property (and crypto) to the masses.

“NFTs, DAOs, DeFi and VR are on a collision course. The metaverse is the natural place where DAOs will really begin to take off. It will be the NFT artists creating a new media industry together that shows the rest of the world what’s really possible with DAOs.” – n3o

“ZERO is a new way for artists to reimagine the incentives of big studios. With ZERO we can create new incentives for how stories, characters, landscapes, and environments are made, and most importantly, how artists are rewarded.”

Frank Wilder – Co-founder Wilder World

Wilder World keeps going from strength to strength, since its launch on May 11, 2021, Wilder has grown to a nearly $250 million market capitalization; backers include crypto heavy weights such as Barry Silbert and DCG, Metakovan and Meatpurse, Jake Paul and Anti Fund to name a few. The project is about to launch its native NFT platform on ZERO that is focussed on creating utility of NFTs in their Metaverse, with a number of 3D artist guild drops kicking off in August.  

As for ZERO things are just getting started. The team is gearing up to release the platform to a select group of blockchain projects in parallel to launching its own native token later this year. Fresh off the back of the success of launching Wilder World on ZERO, the DAO creator platform is being flooded with inbound interest from forward thinking communities all over the globe that want to build their very own DAOs and start their own journey on the road to the Metaverse.


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