What is LATOKEN?


Cryptocurrency exchanges give enthusiasts a way to trade their digital assets for other tokens. Still, some cryptocurrency exchanges lack trustworthy teams and additional features. On the other hand, platforms like LATOKEN have numerous features that make them worthwhile, and with over 2 million traders, it seems people are starting to take notice.


One thing that sets this exchange apart is its vast selection of cryptocurrency pairs. The exchange currently has over 933 pairs and new trading pairs are added every week. This platform has a little bit of everything, from blue chip assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana to lesser-known currencies like Rewards Bunny.

The site features lower fees for users who trade often. For example, users who trade less than $10,000 worth of assets in a 30-day period pay 0.49% maker and taker fees. Alternatively, users who trade between $100,000-$250,000 in a 30-day period pay only 0.12% maker fees and 0.19% taker fees.

Thanks to the site’s AES-256 encryption and secure sockets layer protocol, bank account information is kept secure. Furthermore, they restrict their employees’ access to account information and require background checks before hiring.


LATOKEN has numerous additional features that differentiate them from other cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform offers passive income opportunities by allowing users to stake roughly 50 cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the “get rewards” section enables users to collect free cryptocurrency by signing up for airdrops. Airdrops are an easy-to-understand way to start collecting digital assets.

Over the last few years, the world has become obsessed with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). LATOKEN allows users to buy and sell NFTs on their platform. Users can invest in new projects at a competitive rate through the platform’s initial exchange offerings (IEOs). IEOs are an excellent way to fund exciting cryptocurrency projects.

Dedicated users can earn money by inviting friends to the platform. When a user signs up using someone’s referral link, both traders receive a $50 credit that they can use to cover up to 25% of their trading fees.


Venture Capital Television (VCTV) is another exciting feature that sets LATOKEN apart from the competition. VCTV features numerous educational web series that users can watch to learn more about emerging digital assets. The site partners with several venture capital firms to discuss topics ranging from stable coins and NFTs to cryptocurrency regulation.

The weekly web series, “CryptoPicks by LATOKEN,” regularly educates users on new cryptocurrency tokens. The series features Nathaniel Amida of LATOKEN Nigeria, and project owners can even pitch their assets to Amida for a chance to be featured on the show.

Approved projects can use the VCTV platform to host “ask me anything” (AMA) events. AMAs are an excellent way for investors to learn more about up-and-coming projects and give project teams a unique way to connect with their community.


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