WhaleMakerDAO’s Guild Masters Miami Event To Focus on P2E


WhaleMakerDAO, the braintrust of top investors booknerd.eth (AKA venture capitalist Roger C. Bryan) and Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank fame, are putting their dollars (or crypto) and Web3 expertise to work to help launch the next generation of NFT, P2E (play to earn) and crypto projects. It comes on the heels of the WhaleMakerDAO and its co-founders being involved in some of the most successful NFT launches to date.

WhaleMakerDAO’s portfolio of NFTs, along with that of booknerd.eth is vast. The DAO’s own NFT, Whale Sharks, has also become popular among collectors. Their team invests in some of the most successful and highest value projects on the market, but are now also looking to discover tomorrow’s winners. “NFTs and P2E still have tremendous potential capital sitting on the sidelines,” says booknerd.eth. “There are unbelievable opportunities for new projects as the space continues to rapidly evolve everyday. Our mission is to find, support and fund them.”

P2E: The Next Frontier

A particular area of interest for WhaleMaker and booknerd.eth is the explosive growth of “play to earn” games, also known as P2E. The emergence of so-called “guilds” in the space, a group of players that team up and monetize their game playing, has created a rapidly expanding industry with many entrepreneurs and gamers seeking to establish their own guilds. This is a focal point for booknerd.eth and the DAO. The group is even hosting a Miami summit dedicated to teaching investors and gamers about the creation of guilds and how to make them profitable. 

Taking place in Miami on May 3-4, WhaleMaker’s Guild Masters event will feature speakers including booknerd.eth, Kevin Harrington and tech entrepreneur Joel Comm. Attendees will be visiting from the across the country to learn about the approach to turning gaming into a profitable livelihood and how to navigate the wild west of Web3 P2E games– a landscape that is constantly changing.

WhaleMaker’s own “Whale Guild” is their P2E business arm that hosts assets and revenue from players within the group’s own guild.

The Evolving Landscape of NFTs

As an infantile investment class that is exploding in popularity, the business of NFTs continues to evolve so rapidly that it practically changes every day. As top projects continue to soar in valuation, the race to get into new projects early has become fierce. Enter WhaleMakerDAO’s goal to lead that race by using the vast resources of the group’s Discord chats, rapidly growing social media presence and industry connections to identify those winning projects ahead of the pack and also provide the support to help them win.


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