Wax Becomes the First Blockchain to Hold an NFT Promotion Between a Studio and Major Theatrical Exhibitor

WAX, one of the most important blockchains in the NFT ecosystem, has announced it has been selected by Sony Pictures and AMC Theatres as the official blockchain for their “Spider-man: No Way Home” NFT promotion. A total of 86k special edition NFTs have been released for members of AMC Stubs Premiere & A-List and AMC Investor Connect, which will be released via the WAX Blockchain.

In order to make the redemption process as user-friendly as possible, a dedicated site operated by WAX will be available. This follows the network’s mission to make NFTs accessible to people with all levels of technical expertise, which has been one of the major drivers behind the network’s success. Over the years, WAX has built a reputation as an eco-friendly, high-performance, and user-friendly platform, which played a role in it being chosen for the promotion.

Adam Aron, Chairman of the Board and CEO at AMC Theatres, referred to the reasons for choosing WAX by saying:

“In addition to being eco-friendly, it was essential that the process for receiving the NFT was also consumer friendly. It’s easy to use and already widely adopted WAX Cloud Wallet combined with no gas fees for minting, sending and receiving NFTs gave us confidence that everyone, including first time blockchain users, would be able to participate in the promotion.”

Over the past years, WAX has established itself as the biggest competitor to the Ethereum Network’s dominance when it comes to NFT sales. With over 450k daily users and more than 15 million transactions having been processed, which is likely to increase as more people and organizations start adopting NFTs,

William Quigley, Co-Founder of WAX, said in this regard:

“We’ve always believed that blockchain technology and NFTs should be accessible to the masses in an environmentally responsible and user-friendly way, and we are thrilled Sony Pictures and AMC Theatres chose us for this promotion for what will be the biggest film release of the year.”

An increasing number of partnerships have been established by WAX over the past months, with companies like Mattel, Funko, and Hasbro integrating its solution on some of its collections. WAX also recently announced the launch of its own NFT project “Blockchain Brawlers”, which will provide NFT enthusiasts with a fresh experience in an increasingly saturated market.

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