Upland Metaverse Launching UK Cities London and Birmingham 


Upland is launching in the UK, just in time for the King’s Coronation. On Thursday, May 4 at 9 AM PT, Upland will reveal Collections for London and Birmingham in their newly opened regions. As one of the largest and most popular metaverse platforms, with millions of users and over 300k unique land owners, Upland has carefully positioned itself as the playground for virtual land owners.  

The collection will be revealed on their official discord channel and in the Upland Chat. To prepare for the launch Upland has already gone through rigorous testing in Harrow Road and Queen’s Park, two popular living quarters in London. 

With a population exceeding nine million, London is indisputably the largest city in the United Kingdom. According to Upland’s city tier system, this metropolis qualifies as a large-sized, high-priced urban center. As Upland prepares for its launch, roughly 20,000 properties situated in 35 distinct neighborhoods within London will be up for grabs to all players. Further parcels are slated to become available as neighborhoods expand following the initial opening. 

In order to provide viable alternatives to the expensive property prices in the vicinity of London, an announcement has been made regarding the release of Birmingham, a mid-sized city with reasonably-priced housing options. The move will see approximately 10,000 properties in three neighborhoods becoming available to all players.

In a recent announcement, Upland stated that certain areas within London and Birmingham are not fully open yet, and that its upcoming Collections will only include areas that are currently available. As part of the preparations, unminted properties within these areas will be locked just before the Collection reveal. Following the reveal of the new collection, these unminted properties in the two British cities will be repriced based on the Collection level they match. This means that property prices may be affected, and users are advised to double-check the value of their marketplace properties before the reveal to ensure they are not selling them below the collection-modified value.

Upland Metaverse making moves globally 

The U.K. is attracting some of the most renowned companies in the metaverse industry and Upland has already established a digital economy where players can create value through digital property ownership, commerce and other assets that offer advanced utility. 

Upland recently announced its ambitious plans to develop a Super App and embrace multi-chain standards in order to provide a more immersive and seamless experience for its users. Dirk Lueth, Upland’s co-founder, stated that the company intends to use AI tools to enhance the metaverse experience and create a more realistic world than the physical one. 

A long time advocate of interoperability and Chairperson of the Open Metaverse Alliance, Lueth is in support of offering a more unified metaverse experience across devices. He is keen to avoid the walled garden approach offered via some metaverse platforms. The Upland Super App will offer a unified experience across various platforms and devices and break down the barriers between different blockchains, enabling users to interact with other blockchain-based applications. 

Lueth believes that open standards are crucial for unlocking the full potential of the blockchain, and Upland is committed to working with other companies and developers to create a more open and interconnected ecosystem.


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