European City of Berlin Emerges as the Next City in the Upland Metaverse


Upland Metaverse has announced that it is opening Berlin City. The much-anticipated opening of Berlin in its virtual world will take place on June 9, at 10 AM PT. There will be 19,500 properties spread across eight neighborhoods in the bustling German city.

Upland, is a blockchain based metaverse and gaming platform that has captivated the imaginations of over 3 million registered users and 307,000 virtual property owners. Dubbed as “Monopoly on the blockchain”, Upland combines the excitement of real estate acquisition with the collection of fun NFTs on the EOS Blockchain network.

Furthermore, this immersive gaming experience allows players to engage in buying, selling, and trading virtual properties, constructing their metaverse empires. Players can own and trade virtual properties in real-world locations such as San Francisco, New York, Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and from this week, Berlin.

Explore innovation of the metaverse with Upland

Upland transcends the boundaries of traditional gaming, offering a unique virtual world for entrepreneurs and creators to explore. It offers numerous avenues for players to earn in-game currency and potentially generate real-world value. Property ownership serves as a foundation for income. As players can earn visit fees from other players who explore their properties.

As the game continues to evolve, Upland’s upcoming feature, Metaventures, promises to push the boundaries even further, introducing new avenues for players to explore and monetize their virtual assets.

To celebrate the launch of Berlin, Upland is organizing a community meet-up at the LVL World of Gaming venue on Friday, June 9th. The Upland community will exchange ideas, enjoy networking opportunities and avail of NFT drops.

Looking to the Future of the Metaverse

The metaverse isn’t limited by geography and time. It can offer users the opportunity to experience different cultures and places from their living rooms. Furthermore, it is designed to be fun and with gamification in mind. The metaverse offers a unique opportunity for connecting with others in a virtual environment.

The news of Upland’s Berlin launch is timely as Europe positions itself as a key player for blockchain innovation. It also follows on from their recent London success.

Many EU countries are in a position to take advantage of recent metaverse trends and technologies. As the United States Securities and Exchange Commission takes action against major crypto firms, the European Union is highlighting their new crypto framework in the form of MICA.

Additionally, the EU’s approach of regulating first and assessing the market response has led some in Brussels to believe that Europe may gain an edge in the industry. The introduction of the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) law is broadly welcomed across the crypto and blockchain sector.

As many Web3 metaverse platforms rely on blockchain technology they require guidance for future policies and work with regulators to ensure players are protected as the applications expand in the future.


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