Upland and Decentraland Bring the Famous Brazilian Carnival to the Metaverse


Upland and Decentraland, two leading metaverse platforms, have announced that they will be bringing the colorful Brazilian Carnival to the metaverse. Taking place from February 17 to 25, thousands of metaverse visitors can discover the carnival agenda to get highlights of the main venues in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

This marks an essential milestone in Web3 history, where the lines between virtual and real worlds become more blurry, as virtual and physical worlds become interoperable.

Upland’s users can create their own experiences inspired by physical locations, and they have added various festival locations to their map.

Visitors to the Brazilian Carnival in the metaverse will have the opportunity to explore the Carnival agenda, including shows taking place in the famous Salvador street carnival, schools, and parties across Brazil.

Metaverse guests can experience behind-the-scenes experiences with a three-dimensional replica of Mangueira’s samba sanctuary, live broadcasts, and parties exclusive to the Brazilian Carnival hosted by Decentraland. The parties will feature digital influencers and newly launched emojis inspired by samba movements.

The Future of Festivals with NFTs and the Metaverse

Some of the world’s most loved festivals have begun to embrace NFTs and the Metaverse. Tomorrowland, one of the largest electronic music festivals in  Europe, offered special NFT passes last year. Decentraland has run a version of Fashion Week for two years and now Upland is offering a way for festival attendees and fans to celebrate their favorite festival and enjoy festivities from a distance.

Brands are naturally curious about this new avenue of marketing, allowing them to easily access a worldwide audience via virtual experiences.

The benefits may not be as obvious to the end user. However, in the pre-planning stage of any festival, participants are getting excited, searching to be inspired, and organizing their time for the physical agenda. The metaverse offers the ideal way to plan your upcoming trip or enjoy the festival atmosphere from afar if you find that you cannot attend.

This collaboration between Upland and Decentraland is a sign of where the metaverse will take us in the future and where interoperability between metaverses can create new experiences for digital visitors. It is moving us closer to a world where virtual and physical experiences take place side-by-side, catering to a global audience.


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