Upland adds Ethereum as a payment option with Metamask Integration


Upland, the mobile gaming metaverse, adds Ethereum as a payment option with Metamask Integration

Upland, one of the most popular metaverse platforms, has announced a new integration with Metamask that allows support for Ethereum payments for its digital assets within the platform. 

This strategic integration represents a further commitment to adoption with enhanced investment in features and functionality that help onboard the next generation of users. Behind all that is Dirk Lueth, Co-Founder of Upland, who is also Chairperson of OMA3, the Open Metaverse Alliance. He understands the need for collaboration, seamless user onboarding and the challenges facing the metaverse as a whole. 


Gaming sector continues to drive adoption

After a stream of interesting posts from Upland on platform X users are beginning to understand the adoption rate of the platform. In 2023, over 1.5 million NFTs were minted and there were over 227 million total transactions. Despite the bear market, Upland has capitalized on the gaming sector by launching highly engaging features, easy onboarding and being a mobile-driven application. 

The Open Metaverse is on the right track

Launched in 2020, Upland has transitioned from a property trading game to become a driving force in the development of the world’s most expansive digital economy. Merging the thrill of playing with digital assets with the potential of blockchain, Upland offers a diverse metaverse experience, featuring everything from virtual cafes, car racing, self-expression via wearables and customization options for world-building to strategic partnerships with global entities like FIFA.

As a key participant in the Open Metaverse Alliance, Upland champions open standards, facilitating seamless asset portability and data transfers between different metaverses. With a commitment to innovation, the team stands at the forefront of shaping the future of the metaverse.

Metamask continues expansion of payment and wallet features 

This follows a series of announcements by Metamask to improve user experience of the application in the third quarter of last year. One significant release was a feature called Metamask Snaps, allowing users to choose from a wide range of dApps or add-ons for their Metamask browser extension. This adds to their commitment to permissionless technology. The fact that developers maintain ownership over the creations and their code is a significant feature of Web3. It offers more user centric control and is a departure from traditional app store processes. 

Towards the end of last year Metamask announced a Stripe integration to expand crypto on-ramp options. As one of the most popular Ethereum and alt-coin wallets servicing over 30 million users, this was a major feature update.


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