From Meme to Movement: Unraveling the Legend of “Doge” – A Discussion with John Monarch

Legend of “Doge” - A Discussion with John Monarch

In the Wild West of the early social internet, a meme was born that would become a cultural and financial juggernaut. It all started with a Shiba Inu named Kabosu, her hobbyist photographer owner Atsuko, and a cheeky Reddit post by a man named John Monarch.

Monarch, an early adopter and aficionado of Web3, has been a pioneer in the field since 2010, witnessing firsthand the seismic shifts brought on by the likes of MTGOX, “colored coins”, and Ethereum itself. His professional and personal endeavors have always revolved around the unfettered freedom inherent in decentralization. His claim to fame, however, did not come from his illustrious career in the blockchain industry. It came from a meme.

“LMBO LOOK @ THIS FUKKEN DOGE,” the viral Reddit post Monarch shared in 2010, showcased Kabosu’s now-iconic face and introduced ‘Doge’ to the world. What started as an innocent meme spiraled into a colossal phenomenon, sparking the creation of Dogecoin, Doge NFT, and more.

“The Doge meme was a simple joke, but it became the biggest meme ever,” Monarch stated. “Who would’ve thought a meme would influence the world? Governments, businesses, and even people like Elon Musk getting in on it.”

Today, the Doge meme lives on, not just as a remnant of internet culture, but as a force for good. ‘Do Only Good Everyday’ has become the mantra of this passionate community, uniting meme enthusiasts, NFT collectors, crypto traders, and charity advocates alike. 

“Doge isn’t just about laughs,” Monarch explains. “It’s about doing good and making an impact.”

One tangible symbol of this impact is the bronze statue of Kabosu, slated to be placed in Sakura, Japan, funded by the community’s successful fundraising of $100,000. The Doge Couch, the original from the photo, was auctioned off for charity raising over $60,000 in direct donations. On the digital front, the Doge NFT DAO, which initially sold for millions of dollars and saw most of that go to charity and is owned by the community, makes significant strides, allowing members to vote on the course of the meme’s journey.

“The power of decentralization shines in our community,” Monarch asserts. “From the DAO, the Doge NFT, to Dogecoin, it’s all about giving power to the people.”

While this power of the people has helped the meme maintain its relevance, it’s also fueled philanthropy. The DAO and PleasrDAO have collectively raised millions for charity, turning meme magic into tangible aid.

“Doge has always been about making a difference,” Monarch stresses. “We’ve turned pixels and memes into a force for good.”

As the Doge community awaits the streaming release Doge Documentary and celebrates Kabosu’s 18th birthday, Monarch continues to be stunned by growth of this meme-turned-movement. From a Reddit post to a revolutionary community, the Doge meme has come a long way.

“It started with just a meme,” says Monarch, “But what the community has built is a movement – and it just keeps getting more fun.”


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