Ultimate Crypto Trading Software: Zent Launches Innovative Platform For All Institutional Needs


Dubai, UAE, February 27th, 2024, Chainwire

Zent, a pioneering software provider for financial institutions, has unveiled its all-in-one platform for high-speed crypto trading across popular exchanges. The “ultimate tool tailored to institutional teams and trading volumes” offers distinct advantages, eliminating hurdles like delays and market impact.

According to a Goldman Sachs report, 2023 was the year when crypto markets became institutionalized. As the legal context evolves and spot Bitcoin ETFs signal regulatory approval, crypto appears on more organizational portfolios. Institutional allocations are growing, as evidenced by Coinbase’s recent survey

Zent addresses the biggest challenges of institutional trading: hindered execution, slippage, fragmented liquidity, and the influence of open positions in public order books. Its unique benefits target three categories of corporate users — token issuers, funds, and traders. 

CEO Ilia Stadnik describes Zent’s strengths: “Zent is a game-changer for crypto projects, supporting growth through quick and easy liquidity management. For crypto and traditional funds, Zent simplifies market entry, scaling, and portfolio and team management, bringing the utmost confidence. Lastly, for traders and their employers seeking seamless transactions across markets, Zent minimizes typical obstacles like market impact.”

Revolutionary feature: Order Rules

At the forefront is a unique feature for smooth, delay-free execution: Order Rules. It splits large volumes into chunks of customizable size, executed at customizable intervals and going live at a price match. 

Thereby, institutional-grade trades remain essentially undetectable in public order books, eliminating market impact. Furthermore, all Order Rules are created and managed via a single user-centric dashboard. 

Zent empowers traders with user-friendly tools, while giving workspace owners an unrivaled agility of control with reassignable rights and limits, along with in-depth performance assessment in real-time and retrospect. According to Stadnik, “These benefits, alongside many other features, position Zent as the definitive one-stop-shop for institutional trading.”

Institutions may use Zent as a standalone product or leverage its capabilities through their existing workspaces. Zent API brings law latency Order Rule functionality to any in-house trading platform.

To celebrate its official launch, Zent offers a free annual subscription for the first 3 clients onboard. Due diligence procedures apply. 30-day full access to all features free of charge is also available. Users can contact the team via the official website — zent.pro

About Zent

Established in 2023, Zent unites seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds in crypto and blockchain, IT, and conventional and hybrid finance. It is led by CEO Ilya Stadnik, an accomplished executive leading tech and marketing teams for 10+ years, and Product Owner Michael Sapenyuk, who has headed trading education and software development projects for just as long.

For more information and updates users can visit Zent’s Linkedin.


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