UK Royalty and Web3 Influencers Grace the Red Carpet of the Independent Film CONFETTI and the Project’s NFT Launch

A scene from the film, Confetti

Personal stories captured on film can paint a thousand NFTs. Writer and director, Ann Hu, is doing precisely that with her popular independent film, CONFETTI. Based on Hu’s own life, CONFETTI tells the story of a young mother navigating the complexities of raising a child with dyslexia, and chronicles their journey as they seek a proper education for the gifted little girl. In addition to showcasing the beauty of human connection and understanding through film, Hu has extended the CONFETTI message to the world of web3.


Last Thursday in London, global royals, celebrities and local web3 influencers, including  Royal Highness Princess Beatrice, Her Majesty Queen Diambi Kabatusuila, His Highness Sheikh Hamad, and The Right Honorable Matt Hancock MP gathered for the UK premiere of CONFETTI and the launch of Hu’s charitable  CONFETTI NFT collection, the first dyslexia awareness web3 project on the market.

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Director Ann Hu of CONFETTI Film and Princess Beatrice

“I have come to see NFTs as a great tool for filmmakers to help market their films,” says Hu when asked why she decided to create an NFT collection. “I was encouraged by the London web3 community to use blockchain technology to market CONFETTI. Upon the launch of our CONFETTI NFT collection, I realized an NFT backed by a human story through a powerful film has so much to offer and can provide people with an opportunity to connect to our important message, as we promote this movement with the dyslexia community around the world. People who own our NFT will get access not only to our content, events and filmmaking information, but will also be able to access services for the dyslexic population.”

The CONFETTI NFT has issued 200 free NFTs to their BAFTA attendees, 130 of which have already been collected so far. And this is just the beginning. Hu is planning to hold events around the world to promote her web3-driven international dyslexia awareness campaign. Her hope is to spark open  dialogue to destigmatize dyslexia and celebrate the unique gifts that many dyslexic individuals have. 

About 780 million people in the world have dyslexia, a learning preference that deviates from the norm.  Hu shared her views on misconceptions about dyslexia with Grit Daily earlier this month saying, “Sadly the public perception about dyslexia is so far from the truth. Dyslexia is not a disability. It has nothing to do with a person’s intellectual level. Dyslexia means a learning preference that is different from the mainstream.” 

The CONFETTI film was released across theaters in London this week. To learn more about the film, go to the main site here. To purchase a CONFETTI NFT, visit the CONFETTI NFT site here. Sign up for the community list in Discord here. Follow the project on Twitter at @Confetti_NFT. To join the Confetti World Foundation Linkedin group, go here.


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