Top Industry Experts Add Insight, Experience to New SUKU Platform

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Leaders in Finance and Blockchain Technology

After its recent announcement of its new SUKU platform, Citizens Reserve announced on Thursday that five industry leaders have joined the platform’s board of advisors. Executives at Citizens Reserve chose these leaders who represent pioneering companies within the industry.

“Blockchain technology has the potential to provide truly transformative solutions for businesses around the world, especially in the supply chain space,” said Citizens Reserve CEO Eric Piscini in an interview with CoinTelegraph. “Following our unveiling of SUKU, the experience and knowledge that will come from these business veterans is pivotal in furthering our mission of solving some of the industry’s most pressing issues surrounding inefficiency, end-to-end visibility, and fragmented communication between companies and chains.”

The company recently announced its plan to launch SUKU, a revolutionary system designed to target common issues found in supply chain operations. These issues range from productivity to transparency. The platform provides software to supply chains that will enable partnering companies to create programs and provide services in a system designed to constantly keep pace with supply chains and maintain itself. Citizens Reserve plans to make SUKU available to all applications within the supply chain system.

A Plan for Efficiency

The chairman of CoinDesk’s advisory board, Michael Casey, said that the platform will tackle the large amount of inefficiency and waste that plague many supply chains. Casey said that the blockchain, in conjunction with the latest technology of the industry, makes eliminating such problems and streamlining efficiency a possibility. The leaders of Citizens Reserve’s newly established advisory board have been tasked with using their collective professional knowledge to pave the way for SUKU to grow, adapt, and launch.

The industry leaders selected for the advisory board include significant figures in the financial and technological sectors, as well as experts in blockchain development and integration. The new additions are Co-Founder Lily Liu, Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara, HCM-Foxconn Founding Managing Partner Jack Lee, Bloq Chairman and Tally Capital Founder Matthew Roszak, and Coindesk Advisory Board Chairman and world-leading blockchain expert Michael Casey.

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These new additions will assist in the ongoing improvement of SUKU. The new board members will also assist in SUKU’s innovative approach to supply chains as services. This approach will help to alleviate common problems in supply chains involving product visibility and resource accrual. This will more readily allow contributors to work together and take part in the overall process. One key to SUKU’s system will be enabling a greater social awareness in its users, encouraging them to take more responsibility for their operations by giving them a deeper insight into the dynamics of their resources and their partners’ inherent merits.

SUKU uses Ethereum and Quorum, with Ethereum performing the task of managing supply chain payments and Quorum enabling the financial exchanges protected by consumer-valued privacy (one of the vital components of blockchain systems and one especially valued by users).


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