Blockchain Game Alliance Aims to Carve New Roads in Both Industries

Gaming and Blockchain Come Together to Further Blockchain in Gaming Industry

Video game companies Ubisoft, Ultra, Gimli, Fig, and Alto have come together with blockchain companies EverdreamSoft, Enjin, B2Expand, and ConsenSys to begin advocacy for the further democratization of blockchain in the video game industry. Known collectively as the Blockchain Game Alliance, this union of diverse companies was announced on Sept. 25 at the first Blockchain Game Summit, which served as a conduit for leaders in the gaming and blockchain spheres to interact and network.

The Blockchain Game Alliance is the first network of its kind, bringing together a host of gaming and blockchain companies with a unified goal: to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and the gaming ecosystem. The significance of the creation of the new alliance is underscored by the notoriety of some of its members in both the gaming and blockchain industries.

By enunciating how blockchain technology has already changed the nature of various industries and pointing to the benefits these changes have reaped, the Blockchain Game Alliance hopes to show how the gaming and blockchain spheres can also interact. Its goal is to show the ways these industries can come together to their mutual benefit by discovering innovative methods that will change gaming.

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The Way for the Future

This approach would be a first for both industries and, the alliance says, bring many new benefits to the video gaming world. Designed to be an open forum for developers and players alike, the alliance aims to create a dialogue for all interested parties to exchange their experience and work together on studying new possibilities in creating and playing video games.

“The Blockchain Game Alliance aims to leverage our combined skills and expertise to provide a bridge between blockchain and gaming in order to accelerate industry adoption,” Gimli co-founder Dan Biton said in a press release. “Alliance members will have access to extraordinary businesses with some of the brightest minds, in order to improve collaboration and disrupt the status quo, so the industry can best serve the 2.2 billion active gamers worldwide.”

The Blockchain Game Alliance also hopes to cultivate shared standards and best practices to enable ease of integration of blockchain and the gaming ecosystem.

“The Blockchain Game Alliance is advocating for a universal standard in the blockchain gaming space to create a more interoperable and transparent ecosystem which will benefit stakeholders, by furthering innovation and ensuring economic viability,” Ultra CEO Nicolas Gilot said in the press release. “Blockchain is redefining the gaming experience by providing transaction transparency and proof-of-ownership, while also bringing exciting innovations and financial incentives to players. While the Alliance is still in its early stages, we are ambitious in our future plans and look forward to welcoming new members and unlocking the power of blockchain technology for the gaming community.”

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