The World’s First “Buoyant” Coin Optimized for Long-term Store of Value

New Partnership

Oneiro NA Inc. has just announced the launch of ndau. A press release obtained by BlockTelegraph touts the coin as “the world`s first buoyant digital currency that is optimized for the long-term store of value.”

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Oneiro NA Inc. completed its equity sale round which was backed by COSIMO Ventures. To date, it has successfully sold nearly US$ 15 million dollars of ndau in private sales. Robert Frasca, the Managing Partner at COSIMO Ventures is enthusiastic about the partnership. According to Frasca, “COSIMO Ventures is a team of highly experienced former entrepreneurs who invest in the tech space, and we currently focus on blockchain projects that have something really unique to offer. We surveyed the landscape of cryptocurrencies, and we invested in Oneiro because the ndau coin is leveraging blockchain technology to create a really groundbreaking buoyant currency. Ndau challenges many of the assumptions held by current cryptocurrency thought leaders today, especially in the realms of digital governance and combining value growth with stability.”

Oneiro invested in Ndau because the coin is leveraging blockchain technology to create a groundbreaking buoyant currency. Ndau challenges many of the assumptions held by current cryptocurrency thought leaders, especially in the realms of digital governance and combining value growth with stability.

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Unique Features of Ndau

Ndau is a unique un-pegged digital currency that incorporates built-in governance, dependability, stability and growth incentives. It was originally formulated by the ndau Collective Group. The group constitutes of over 20 leading experts from world-class institutions such as New York University, Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon, Goldman Sachs, MIT and the University of Chicago. The experts specialize in disciplines ranging from cryptography, economics, monetary policy, and computer science.

Unlike a typical stable coin, Ndau is not pegged on any commodities or fiat currency. Stable coins are subjected to influences from institutions which lead to inflationary policies which erode over time. This may not prioritize the interests of long-term holders.

Also, ndau is governed by a Blockchain Policy Council (BPC). This is a group of digital delegates who are continuously elected by Ndau holders and held accountable to the interests of the entire ndau ecosystem. The BPC monetary policy fosters a pro-growth environment for the value of ndau while mitigating its downside volatility.

The economic controls and incentives built into ndau blockchain design aid in improving on both digital predecessors and traditional non-digital currencies. These innovations provide a combination of features not found in existing cryptocurrencies. These include reduced volatility, digital governance, long-term dependability, and value appreciation potential.

Jim Kent, the CEO of Oneiro NA Inc. noted that While other cryptocurrencies have achieved an impressive rate of growth, their volatility has presented a barrier to mainstream adoption, warding off many institutional and retail investors from entering the market. In order to move towards acceptance of a decentralized digital monetary system, we must address the problems of governance, stability, and dependability that limit wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies, especially for a long-term store of value. We are thrilled to have built a truly resilient, global digital currency that will address these issues.”

Additionally, Ken Lang, a technology pioneer and an early member of the Ndau Collective said, “When a group of early bitcoin enthusiasts came together a few years ago to map out the biggest limitations to wide adoption of cryptocurrencies, it was clear that those looking to use crypto for long-term value storage had problems that weren’t being addressed. Ndau was therefore created as a solution to these problems.

More information about the coin can be found at the company`s website.

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