The Deathless City brought to life by 5,555 Crypto Manga NFT Shells

A Foucault inspired project is taking the world of Manga and transforming it into a bespoke play-to-earn game within a Deathless City. CryptoManga is a collection of unique 5,555 NFTs that exist within a heterotopia of the Deathless City, a post-civilization world where the power structures have become nomadic and deterritorial. Each NFT takes on the special character of a Crypto Manga Shell that goes on to compete in the Dark battles of the Deathless City.

What is the Deathless City?

Channeling the spirit of Manga as fantastical cartoons with a deeply rooted story attached to them the gamer is taken on a journey to this post-civilization world where the Crypto Manga Shells live. Power structures within the world are not set in stone and can be fought for over time. The game begins at the gates of the Deathless City where a group of Nomads have traveled across a desert of electric wires and survived being hunted down by a corporate controlled cyborg army. As a player you are part of this group of Nomads. Having survived a massive solar storm, the nomads realize that materials have become scarce. Living in the Deathless City allows you to avail of special materials rarely seen in the outside world. Here you will engage in dark battles to survive the next major solar storm. Training for these battles takes place at the HyperHuman Academy where shells have a chance to improve their powers and skills. 

In The Deathless City “Your shell will live forever on the Ethereum blockchain, which will become a premium digital space in the next few years. We are planning to expand the map beyond HyperHuman Academy (HHA). This includes the ability for users to play Crypto Manga freely instead of having to wait for us to release the commands.”says Lili Feyerabend, Co-founder of Crypto Manga.

How does Foucault’s concept of heterotopia fit into this narrative? 

Foucault describes heterotopia as a space that has more layers of meaning or relationships to other places than upon entering the space. If a Utopia is a place where everything is good; dystopia is a place where everything is bad; heterotopia is where things are different.

“The mirror functions as a heterotopia in this respect: it makes this place that I occupy at the

moment when I look at myself in the glass at once absolutely real, connected

with all the space that surrounds it, and absolutely unreal, since in order to be

perceived it has to pass through this virtual point which is over there.” Michel Foucault

In the Deathless City each pseudonymous Shell from crypto manga, aka individual, within the Deathless City can get involved in the Dark Battle where they test their combat skills. As a heterotopia the skills attached to these shells and the environments where the Dark Battles take place can change over time. 

Bringing the features of traditional Manga into the world of NFTs

Traditional Manga has a long history, an existing format where fans read right to left and are usually released chapter by chapter. This series approach to production works well in the world of NFTs with gamification attached to the project. Chapter by chapter or level by level, the characters experience new scenes and gain new skills. If a Manga series is ultra popular it is often collated and published in volumes called tankōbon volumes. Taking followers of Manga comics by the hand to the world of NFT gaming isn’t a gigantic leap as a new manga series like Crypto Manga shells can be discovered over a series of volumes. 

Japanese Manga is historically printed and we hope to see the shells that have fought hard in the dark battles within the Deathless City popping up in print editions in the not so distant future. When you scan through some of the most collectible Manga comics of the 90’s you begin to understand why people get hooked by the stories, the characters and the scenes. Vagabond, an incomplete historical manga published from the 1990’s focused on the famous Japanese Samurai Musashi Miyamoto and how he developed his sword skills. The dark series leaves the reader on the edge. Somebody please finish this as an NFT collection please.

 Another popular manga series is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. This comic follows the mysterious adventures of the Joestar family, centering around the main protagonist JoJo. This series needs a metaverse all to itself with 130 volumes of stories to tell and 120 million copies in circulation, the characters within this series have already been brought to life. Interestingly, they were ahead of the game when it comes to branded partnerships too and have brought some of the style from the series into the real world with fashion icon Gucci doing a collection of items based on the series back in 2011.

A community focus is always key for successful crypto projects and the team behind this project are combining their passion for gaming with storytelling to build a community around the Deathless City. They even have a recently released theme tune and have amassed a steady flow of eager followers that support the project’s success. Lili, having previously worked with the Ethereum Foundation, Arweave and Pooltogether is well aware of the importance of community and what it takes to create a unique NFT game whilst also keeping the integrity of the project alive.

How to become a player in the Deathless City?

The darkBattle is set in the futuristic Deathless City, where true freedom is the only currency that matters. In order to survive and thrive, citizens of the Deathless City are encouraged to take up more than one shell at a time as gamers strive for pseudonymity and the pursuit of privacy.

You must own at least 1 CryptoManga shell. Some are available to buy now on the secondary market –

There are some exciting developments in the pipeline for the Deathless City and “The next step for CryptoManga is exciting as we plan to launch MangaDAO and our governance token $MAD in the coming days. We believe that the most sustainable way for the ecosystem to grow is to share ownership with everyone in the community. We intend to make MangaDAO a real DAO that is fair, decentralised, and constantly evolving.”, notes Feyerabend. 

Manga and comic fans can rejoice in the fact that the NFT community doesn’t exist to interrupt the wonderful storytelling and illustrations involved with the production of Manga publications. NFTs are a vehicle for enhancing and expanding those stories for digital consumption.

Lisa Gibbons
Lisa Gibbons
Lisa Gibbons is the Editorial Director at BlockTelegraph.

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