The Death of the Traditional Savings Account: BitMEX EARN Launches More 14% APR Products for Tether


Mahé, Seychelles, 14th December, 2021, Chainwire

Highest publicly available rate on the market

BitMEX, one of the world’s leading crypto derivatives platforms, is launching another high-return BitMEX EARN product today following a strong response from its users and the crypto community which saw them become fully subscribed. 

BitMEX EARN is simply better than other earn programmes offered by competitors because:

  1. The market-leading interest offered (current 14% APR is significantly higher than rival products) 
  2. Its rates are fully backed by the BitMEX insurance fund, one of the largest in the industry in upwards of US$1.5 billion
  3. No staking requirements are necessary to receive the headline rate, meaning every user is entitled to the same rate (unlike competing products, which only unlock top rates for top stakers)

Starting from today, users can subscribe to the below product with the available USDT balance in their BitMEX wallets, or through direct deposits to the BitMEX platform.

  • EARN up to 14% APR: For the maximum USDT deposit, BitMEX users will be able to earn about USDT 3,000 by maturity. Multiple products will be offered, maturing after 30 days. Deposits are capped at USDT 250,000 per user.

Alexander Höptner, CEO of BitMEX, said: “Clever investors are no longer settling for low single digit interest-bearing products offered in traditional finance, and are instead turning to crypto firms like BitMEX to earn high interest on their Tether/USDT. At a time when inflation is damaging the purchasing power of fiat currencies, products like BitMEX EARN are serving an important role in a trader’s strategy. Our EARN product is the best on the market because what you see is what you get – no deceptively high rates only unlocked by staking, and fully backed by the BitMEX insurance fund.”

To subscribe or learn more, please visit the BitMEX EARN website.


About BitMEXBitMEX is the next-generation cryptocurrency trading platform, which supports leveraged trading via Perpetual and Futures Contracts. Our mission is to professionalise the trading of cryptocurrency derivatives. We offer a fast, safe, and liquid way to trade and hedge cryptocurrency risk. For more information, visit

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