The Crypto Prophecies: A New Game For A New Trader

The Crypto Prophecies

The type of person getting into trading and finance has changed. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the battle over the stock price of GME. On one side you have the traditional finance demographic. Hedge funds. Professionals from Wall Street. A collection of well schooled traders relying on traditional models to predict price changes and choose investment opportunities. 

On the other side you have the subreddit r/WSB. An eclectic collection of individuals who rely on sheer faith and memes to give themselves an edge over the established financial institutions. Not to sell WSB short, this is a group very well read in the art of reading charts and understanding fundamentals. There is no doubt that a lot of forethought goes into the stocks championed by WSB. However, one thing is for sure, their rhetoric, their motivations and their way of conducting themselves is remarkably different from the traditional view of finance workers.

The trading app Robinhood got a lot of criticism for their role in preventing people from buying GME stock. However, one positive contribution that apps like Robinhood have made, is that finance and trading has suddenly become far more accessible for people. It is this accessibility that has led to a whole new demographic, indeed many new demographics, getting involved in trading. 

Crypto, NFTs and the diversification of Finance

The diversification of finance is even more apparent in the crypto world. DeFi is a major disruption to centralized finance. Decentralization in and of itself represents a huge shift in how finance is conducted but the shift runs deeper than that. There is, not unlike WSB, a completely different culture attached to crypto and DeFi. 

It’s not a case of new financial institutions being founded in the hopes of overhauling the old ones. This new movement aims to create a financial world without institutions. Investing and trading can take place on a totally individual level. Traders are no longer required to conform to the criteria of an institution. They can trade and behave and express themselves in their own way.

The Crypto Prophecies

The Crypto Prophecies is a game that caters to this new type of trader. In TCP, players are pitted against one another in a battle that challenges their ability to read trading charts. Trading candles are revealed to each player and they both make price predictions on whether the candle will close up or down. Before each game a steak is agreed upon and the winner will receive the appropriate number of TCP tokens.

So, of course, this is a game that will appeal to people with an interest in trading. It will challenge their ability to predict price changes. However, this is a game that takes place in the mythical kingdom of Opulentos featuring Crypto Prophets from several races such as the Satoshians. The Crypto Prophets (all of them NFTs) will provide help for each player with spells and magical items that can hinder the opponent’s ability to read the chart. 

This is not a game for people who are overly serious about how they engage in trading. This is a game for people who are passionate about trading but engage with it in a more light hearted way, maybe through memes or viral videos.

In other words, The Crypto Prophecies is a game for the WSB generation of traders.

A More Colorful Trader

The Crypto Prophecies is a game. It is not, at its core, a disruption to centralized finance. Our number one aim has been to give people a fun way to challenge their trading knowledge, collect NFTs that will help them in their challenge and maybe make a few TCP tokens while they do it. 

However, there is no doubt that this game will appeal particularly to retail traders. Games like ours are part of a bigger movement. The Crypto Prophecies is a demonstration of a cultural shift that has occurred in finance and in trading. A shift away from deadpan financial institutions to make way for a much more colorful trader. 


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