The ‘Cartelization’ of Wealth by the US Government

As is usually and normally the case, the government, the State, enjoys monopolies. Our AntiTrust Department should really focus all its attention on the breakup of Government, the State and its Administrative Agencies all exercising monopoly power which reduces consumer welfare, reduces competition, reduces choice, reduces contestability and represents the most successful and violent rent extraction machine in modern times.

It is not enough for the State to control, either directly or indirectly, about 80% or even more all economic activity, centralize the power to use force by destroying the Constitutionally designed militia model and replacing it with an unaccountable surveillance state and military with the power to drone its own citizens.

The centralization and cartelization of wealth through a fiat money regime that our founders would deem not only unconstitutional but the quickest route to an inevitable tyranny. They were correct.

The centralization of surveillance where all Americans are deemed guilty and need to, on an ongoing basis, prove their innocence. A complete perversion of the principles we ascribe as justice and prescribed by our Bill of Rights.

Our Constitution would likely have never been ratified if it did not confirm that there exist inalienable rights that must be recognized and no legitimate government could threaten or disassociate from any human being. But in this reign of terror and tyranny perpetrated by the State against us, We the People, our rights have been expropriated and we are now granted temporary privileges granted by the whims of the tyrants who reside in Washington DC, the State Capitols and all other jurisdictions where we foolishly believe we have choice and a representative Constitutional Republic because we hold elections.

The government has taken away our choice with respect to money and created a cartel to control its production and distribution. The government has us all under constant surveillance. If you look at how much the government spends annually now, the government, in effect, has a claim against ALL OUR WEALTH. Currently the government is financing that claim with debt but eventually the government will confiscate our money. IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE.

But for this Administration it is not enough to terrorize us with lockdowns, surveillance, ballot trafficking and harvesting, the debasement of citizenship, the debasement of wealth, the debasement of money, the debasement of our personhood.  Shredding most of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

No. Not enough. The Biden Administration now wants to constitute a Disinformation Governance Board. An appropriate name. It’s goal, it’s objective, is not to actually promote the circulation of information but to exercise a monopoly power of disinformation. The State, our government, does not want a well-informed, well-educated electorate. No it does not! It wants to control the narrative. Control the words we use. Control the thoughts we have. Control our mind. To conform.

Economic serfdom is not enough. The Biden Administration wants a lobotomized public. This is an administration that seemingly wants to control our minds, bodies and souls. And extend that hegemony throughout the world. Part of their New World Order. This Global Reset. Or whatever other terminology one would like to apply.

Soon the DHS control over this Disinformation Governance Board will ascribe the label of domestic terrorist to any information not approved by and sanctioned by the Board. And, perversely, they claim this is to preserve democracy.  NO. It will be used to expand hegemony.

The Progressives want to lead us away from Enlightenment and Renaissance to a Dark Ages. I do not even want to use the term Dark Ages because their vision is so much worse.

This is a consequence of our lack of vigilance with respect to the defense of our inalienable rights. We have passively allowed the government to creepily disassociate our inalienable rights and accept the government not as the protector of our rights but as the conveyor of special privileges which we compete against each other for.

What is the message of the DHS Disinformation Governance Board. That if you think for yourself. If you air grievances. If you engage in dissent. If you dare to dispute, disagree, discuss or debate; that you will be deemed an enemy of the State and an enemy of democracy and likely deemed a domestic terrorist. You will join a long list of other domestic terrorists. Thomas Jefferson. Benjamin Franklin. John Adams. Samuel Adams. Richard Henry Lee. Roger Sherman.

Yes, it’s true, if you oppose the Disinformation Governance Board. If you reject the expropriation of our inalienable rights and their transformation into temporary privileges granted by a cartel exercising monopoly power, you too will join the list of domestic terrorists like the aforementioned.

The foundational principle of the progressives and Biden is simple. We are endowed with one and only one freedom. The freedom to obey. If you are obedient, you will be granted privileges.

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Jeffrey Wernick is strategic investor in Parler. He is also an early bitcoin adopter, advocate and acquirer. Additionally he is a seed investor and an angel investor. Warnick is a frequently invited lecturer and speaker including at his alma mater, the University of Chicago.

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