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In July 2010, the price of one Bitcoin was 0.0008 USD.

By November 2021, you know the rest of the history. One Bitcoin sold for $68,000 at an all-time high, and you can run the numbers for investors who stacked up hundreds of Bitcoin at worthless values over a decade ago.

Early investment in cryptocurrency left the world with a healthy supply of profit-raking millionaires, the ones who “dared” when everyone else couldn’t care less. Today, everyone’s dealing with a lot of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) on digital assets and fresh investment opportunities.

NFTs took the world by storm in 2021, and even when they didn’t fully understand the concept, millions of people were liquidating their hard-earned coins and safe assets to buy… pictures. Literally. This is how investments always go wrong because people dive in head-first without fully understanding what they’re getting into.

What are NFTs exactly, in simple human English?

A Non-Fungible Token is a way of proving the authenticity of a digital item (photo, video, songs, even tweets), meaning that it can only belong originally to one person and can’t be replicated or reproduced. So, a person can take a picture of their face and “mint” it as an NFT. People may take screenshots and have pictures of this face, and there won’t be any visible difference between picture and screenshot. However, the original photo has a system of security and “certificate of authenticity” that makes it one of a kind, impossible to replicate, and valuable in all its glory, even though it’s just a face.

Besides their identity potentials in the Metaverse, NFTs can generate exponential income in many ways, the most popular being buying and selling on NFT trade platforms such as OpenSea and Mintable.  OpenSea is dependent on the Ethereum coin and you could buy an NFT for 0.5 Eth, decide to hold long-term or flip immediately to another buyer for 2 Eth if you’re lucky. If things go south, your NFT may be unmarketable and you’d end up flipping for as low as 0.01Eth.

Risks co-exist with rewards, as always.

NFT: David Rojas
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Photo credit: David Rojas, with permission

“Just like cryptocurrency, NFTs are speculative types of assets,” says David Rojas, an expert investment consultant and the CEO of Blue Castle Ventures LTD, a leading strategy developer in the world’s financial markets, with Crypto-Certificates, NFT, and Trader Training. “The problem with NFTs is that they’re even gassier than the cryptocurrencies. There was a recent investigation in which this issue was uncovered. And most of the NFTs produced are made by artificial intelligence, so they’re not real, and their results are not real either.”

Essentially, dealing in NFTs the traditional way offers no actual financial security for funds invested. Just as the breach of a cryptocurrency platform could render millions of investors broke, an unforeseen hack to an NFT platform would cause the same disaster.

Real art backup system – A uniquely safer approach

There is no way to trade NFTs with a 100% guarantee of exponential rewards, but the risks can be greatly mitigated to a less daunting level.

real art
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Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

Rojas’ company has proposed a brand-new approach to buying and selling NFTs that offers the owner a solid measure of protection against volatilities and uncertainties – the world’s first physically backed up NFTs. Practically, it makes little sense to invest insane amounts of money in digital pictures with no physical assets, staying vulnerable and reliant on the host platform’s ability to prevent security breaches. Rojas and his team have found a way to close the loophole and protect the collector.

“We’re about to launch our own NFTs but they will be the strangest NFTs because they have an actual physical collateral,” says Rojas, a Harvard Business School graduate in Alternative Investments. “People will not only acquire the image, which can be worthless, but also the physical asset, which also makes them some money. We have seen how gassy these investments are. They can also be easily seized and used in any way the host platform desires, such as when the NFTs stored in OpenSea accounts belonging to Russians were seized and given to the Ukrainian people. And if anybody suddenly decides to hack OpenSea, which is the biggest dealer of NFTs, the game is over. However, with our solution, if this ever happens, you still have your physical art, which has a real value.”

The Blue Castle approach to NFTs offers real validity, a never-seen-before fall break in the event of unprecedented breaches and accidental losses. Owners have a reliable system of real art to fall back on, and while these pieces may not be classical like Picassos and Da Vincis, they are being created by some of the most talented young artists in the world.

Rojas and his team have also invented a profit-driven algorithm that ensures NFT investors never have to sell below their buying price. This is one of the current biggest risks with NFT investment. Sometimes, buyers are unable to re-sell at profitable sums and may end up hitting heartbreaking losses over time.

“Our system does not allow a piece to be sold for less than its previous price which means that prices can only go up,” says Rojas. “The only one who can decide to sell it for less is the owner. That is why this algorithm is so important. It matches buyers and sellers in a fair price range, protecting you from any type of fraud or changes in the market and all transactions are verified by our team, so they are fair for all parties involved.”


When traded traditionally, there’s not a lot of difference between the volatility of cryptocurrencies and those of NFTs. Each investment is considered high-risk and could either set the owner up for generational wealth or leave them bankrupt. However, purchasing NFTs with a physical asset backup system offers a level of protection almost as solid as a real estate investment. Art you can see, touch, and feel, instead of just goofy pictures in the cloud.

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