The 4% Solution: Chipz Disrupts Online Sports Wagering is disrupting the world of online sports wagering with its industry low 4% fee on wagers, far lower than the 10% “vig” that has long been standard on other sites. launched New Year’s Day weekend by offering NFL betting. The launch was successful, even when participation was limited to people holding a minimum of 500,000 CHIPZ tokens. Encouraged by the results of the launch, has expanded access to NFL betting by reducing the minimum number of required CHIPZ tokens to 250,000.

“There is no reason for sports fans to ever again pay a 10% vig when placing a wager,” said  Chipz CMO Justin Lally. “Unlike all other sports book platforms, Chipz charges just a 4% fee on bets. This will forever change the betting world forever. Additionally,  3% of the 4% is placed back into the pool and tokenomics of Chipz.”

CHIPZ tokens can be purchased on Binance Smart Chain and Uniswap. Anyone holding 250,000 CHIPZ can download the CHIPZ app, set up an account, log in, connect their Trust Wallet or MetaMask, and begin placing bets.

“We are live and just by linking your meta mask wallet to sports fans can bet on NFL games this weekend,” Lally said.

The bet is initiated when it is matched by another participant. Bets that are matched by users on the platform are backed by USDC Additionally, you are speculating on the value of the CHIPZ token while you bet. While your bet is live, you could also be accruing value through an increase in price of the CHIPZ token.

Lally noted the platform currently offers a 15% staking reward while the bet is going on.

Want to run your own sportsbook? Unlike other sportsbooks that charge $5/week, or more, to do your own bookmaking, Chipz will act as a hosting platform for as little as $60 for an entire year (no limits). Chipz tokens will be used on the platform by users who run their own sportsbook or on Mychipz platform.

“We are rolling out everything strategically to make our user experience flawless and more economically beneficial than any other betting platform in the world,” Lally said.

Chipz hit an all time high of .30 before the platform was even live.

“There are many reasons to be excited for the project and token,” Lally said. “Chipz is going to be synonymous with betting and crypto for years to come. The possibilities are endless.”Bag up your Chipz and get ready to watch the NFL this weekend! Check out their Twitter, Telegram, and Discord channels and join the CHIPZ community, or website


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