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Blockchain Without Borders Token Expo 2018

The Big Apple will play host to another blockbuster blockchain event with the Blockchain Without Borders Token Expo 2018 in Times Square on August 30.

New Set of Guidelines Aimed at Self-Regulating the Token Economy

The Chamber of Digital Commerce's Token Alliance has released a report aimed at arming the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry with tools and frameworks to support a self-regulatory approach. The report gives a regulatory overview, provides a set of guidelines for utility tokens, while also giving an overview of the current economic landscape.

Top Three ICOs – Where Are They Now?

Much critical ink has been spilled on the topic of ICOs since the method of crowdfunding began with Mastercoin in 2013. Opinions run the...

Blockchain Busters – How Crypto Is Poised to Transform Hollywood

One of the factors hamstringing cryptocurrency adoption is the relative lack of things one can do with it. Similar to the internet’s early days,...

Baidu launches ‘Du Universe’; does the future of blockchain-based gaming lie in gambling?

Six months ago, CryptoKitties was the hottest blockchain game in town, raking in over $12 million last December alone. Since then, the game has...

ICO Watch – Daily Fantasy

While fantasy sports have been around for decades now, starting with american football in the early 1960s, the concept of daily fantasy is only...

Tokenizing the World – Non-Fungible Tokens

In a recent article, we talked about cryptographic tokens implemented on top of blockchains and how they can be used to represent fungible assets,...

What are Tokens?

By now, everyone with an interest in Blockchain and cryptocurrencies will have heard the word token. However, many people will have used the word...

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