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Stablecoins – The Holy Grail of Cryptocurrencies

Can stablecoins help to quell crypto volatility?

New Stable Cryptocurrency Network From Kowala Might Eliminate Crypto Volatility

Crypto market volatility is a major reason for slow cryptocurrency adoption. There are stablecoin projects that are trying to eliminate this; however, they have certain limitations. Kowala is launching their stablecoin network, pegging it against USD, with automated minting and burning of coins.

Kowala’s Stablecoin Becomes First with Hardware Wallet Support

Kowala's stablecoin is the first to offer Ledger hardware wallet support, helping owners have more control over their coins.

MakerDAO and Wyre Join Forces to Take Volatility Out of Cryptocurrencies

Fast, secure and compliant bridge converts fiat currencies directly to the Dai stablecoin.

STASIS Launches EURS Stablecoin for European Investors

Blockchain investment platform STASIS has officially launched its EURS stablecoin, a move that's likely to attract curious institutional investors throughout the European Union.EURS, like...

Tether Double-Spending Scare Renews Transparency Concerns

This week, the US Dollar-pegged stablecoin is back in the limelight with a Chinese cybersecurity company reporting an alleged double-spending vulnerability. There are currently...

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