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Celebrities Made Big Money off Cryptocurrency Marketing. But Jail Time Could Result.

Big names often attract big attention. In these cases, that might include the SEC.

Setting Up the Game in the U.S. Crypto Gambling Debate

Place your bets on the future of gambling on the blockchain.

Will Crypto Regulation Be an Asset to the EU?

The EU continues to send mixed signals on regulating the crypto ecosystem; it needs to tread carefully in order to balance the needs of its member states.

European Union Unlikely to Regulate Crypto Market Anytime Soon

Finance Ministers Meeting At a recent gathering of European Union (EU) finance ministers in Vienna, it became clear that there is unlikely to be any...

Blockchain-Based Tea Makers Receive Subpoena from the SEC

The Long Island Iced Tea company's rebrand, Long Blockchain Company, has set off some red flags with regulatory agencies in the U.S. The company was recently served with a subpoena.

A New Blockchain-Focused Law Firm Has Come to Town

Fisher Cataliotti P.C. was formed to provide much needed legal guidance to everyone looking to be involved in the bergeoning blockchain industry.

Common Ground in Cryptocurrency and Cannabis Industries

Surprisingly, there are many similarities between the legal treatment of cannabis and cryptocurrency. A patchwork of laws in many jurisdictions sows inconsistency and confusion in both areas.

Can Malta Build on Its Crypto Dreams with the EU?

Recent days have seen the little nation of Malta stake a big claim for global blockchain leadership. Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s government has long...

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