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The future of finance in the new digital era

The market of finance has been changing with new technologies recently emerged, such as financial startups, also known as fintechs – a word more...

How to Avoid Mistakes Investing in IEOs

Bittrex has tried to turn things around after some inelegant first steps into IEOs. The crypto exchange’s first attempt at an IEO aborted when...

What You Need To Know About ‘IEOs’

The turn of 2017-2018 has been the peak for ICO's, with $1.6 billion raised in December 2017 alone, the ICO craze’s highest grossing month....

ConsenSys Invests $6.5m in DrumG to Build Banking Solution

ConsenSys is the sole investor in DrumG's first funding round, pumping $6.5m into the startup.

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