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Blockchain Company Bags $24b Contract to Revamp Electric Buses in China

The Chinese government has entered into a partnership with Seven Stars Cloud Group to upgrade electric buses in China.

Regulations Round-Up: Tokenized Securities in Singapore, China Warns of Illegal Fundraising

Three countries, Hungary, Singapore, and China recently made move to change cryptocurrency regulations.

China Unveils 3-Year Plan to Expand IT via Blockchain

CHina official state organs are teaming up to unveil a three year action plan that will improve IT consumption through blockchain integration.

The Bank of China Sees a Future in Blockchain

The Bank of China is embarking on an ambitious technology drive, which will include a significant increase in their blockchain investment, among other technologies

China Could Become the Leader in the Blockchain Patent Landscape

In most technologies, the US is usually the leader in innovations. In the case of blockchain technology, China could soon pull ahead, as patent filing data shows.

China Chooses Ethereum over NEO for Dream City Project

China is known to promote local technology companies. However, they have surprisingly chosen the Ethereum blockchain platform over their home-grown NEO for their prestigious dream city project.