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What Blockchain Needs Right Now: Part Two – Oracles

A look at the need for blockchains to interface with the rest of the world through reliable oracles.

Stumbling Blocks for Bitcoin as a Payment Method

Bitcoin has enjoyed a recent spike in valuation yet the uptick could turn out to be a double-edged sword for the burgeoning cryptocurrency. The Catch-22 of increasing and decreasing value only adds to the volatility apparent in the market.

What Blockchain Needs Right Now: Part One – Scalability

Blockchain Technology has changed a lot since Bitcoin got the ball rolling in 2008. However, we have been promised mass adoption for a while now and this “revolution” is happening rather slowly.There are many reasons for this, but some are more obvious than others. In this article series, we will look at three important innovations the blockchain ecosystem needs in order to succeed.Let’s start with Scalability.

Ethereum’s Co-Founder Has Seven Questions For Blockchain Tech

Ethereum’s co-founder has recently launched seven uncomfortable questions highlighting the unsolved problems of current blockchain technology. Whilst some of his questions are deliberately provocative, they...

Cryptocurrencies on the Way to Mainstream Adoptions According to eToro and Imperial College

Cryptocurrencies have been around since 2009. Despite examples of real-world use, they have so far not taken off as a mainstream payment system.According to...

Blockchain Busters – How Crypto Is Poised to Transform Hollywood

One of the factors hamstringing cryptocurrency adoption is the relative lack of things one can do with it. Similar to the internet’s early days,...

Obstacles to Cryptocurrency Adoption

Almost 10 years have passed since Bitcoin was announced. It did not take long for the first recorded cryptocurrency transaction in exchange for goods...

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