Supra Introduces HyperNova, a Cross-chain Bridgeless Technology that Enables Blockchain Interoperability

Supra introduces HyperNova

Supra, a leading blockchain organization that provides Oracle and Verifiable Random Function (VRF) services, announced the creation of HyperNova, its new bridgeless technology that facilitates cross-chain communication directly via L1 consensus. This groundbreaking new methodology allows blockchains to connect interoperably without a centralized bridge.

“HyperNova is a major breakthrough for the blockchain industry,” said Joshua Tobkin, CEO of Supra. “It eliminates the need for centralized bridges, which can be a single point of failure and a major vulnerability in Web3. HyperNova’s bridgeless technology makes blockchain connections more secure, reliable, and scalable via L1 to L1 cryptographic consensus.”

HyperNova bridgeless technology works by using Supra’s novel, low-latency consensus algorithm, known as Moonshot Consensus, to understand the underlying cryptographic signatures of destination and source chains. This allows Supra to provide secure, reliable, and scalable cross-chain communications that are strictly better than traditional bridge designs.

Benefits of Supra’s HyperNova Bridgeless Tech

Supra’s HyperNova offers several benefits over traditional centralized bridges, including:

  • Increased security: HyperNova eliminates the need for a centralized bridge, which can be a single point of failure. Instead, Supra directly verifies the cryptographic signatures of the source and destination chains, which provides L1 to L1 security guarantees. 
  • Improved scalability: Bridgeless tech is more scalable than traditional centralized bridges as Supra is a high-throughput IntraLayer that can simultaneously handle many cross-chain communication requests. 
  • Enhanced capabilities: Supra’s HyperNova cross-chain solution enables novel multi-chain use cases that are impossible in bilateral (one-to-one) solutions. 

Use Cases for Supra’s HyperNova

Bridgeless tech can be used for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Cross-chain DeFi: HyperNova can enable cross-chain DeFi, which allows users to transfer assets and interact with DeFi applications across different blockchains.
  • Cross-chain gaming: Bridgeless tech can enable cross-chain gaming, allowing players to transfer their in-game assets or NFTs across different blockchain-based games.
  • Cross-chain oracles: HyperNova can be used to enable cross-chain oracles, which provide secure and reliable data feeds to DeFi applications across many ecosystems.

About Supra

Supra is building a low-latency interoperability infrastructure to provide Web3 capabilities that traditional blockchain designs lack. As a vertically integrated IntraLayer, Supra enables a shared security paradigm across various oracle services, including securing external data on-chain, cross-chain communication via their bridgeless HyperNova, automation, VRF, and more. 

After thousands of hours of R&D and simulations, Supra’s technical breakthroughs are solving the Oracle Dilemma and optimizing network performance across the board regarding security, throughput, time to finality, composability, and programmability. Supra has taken an academic approach to development, which has been integral to the organization’s commitment to advancing Web3 performance and security. This is characterized by a commitment to deep research, transparency, and going through a rigorous peer-review process in every design and product released.

Dr. Aniket Kate and the team are diligently composing new whitepapers, so many novel solutions are still in the pipeline and soon to be publicized. To learn more about Supra and participate in their gamified learn-to-earn program, visit Countdown to Blastoff. Lastly, sign up for the whitelist for an opportunity to be notified in advance of any possible future token offerings and for more alpha. 


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