SPOKKZ Partners with Ontology to Revolutionize Content Streaming

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With our powers combined

Since completing their ICO, Ontology has become one of the most successful blockchain based project coming out of South East Asia in 2018. In yet another positive development, it was revealed that Ontology has forged a partnership With Spokkz, a new one-stop content decentralized app. The aim of this partnership is believed to be the development of a blockchain content streaming system, although not all details have been revealed by both parties.

The news of this partnership follows Ontology network’s desktop wallet release, the OWallet Version 0.8.1. The wallet has been described as a breakthrough application, allowing users to perform additional functions such as seamless importing and exporting, the claiming of Ontology tokens directly, and the sending and receiving of blockchain based assets.

Spokkz: company background

Spokkz is a decentralized streaming platform released by the developers of Spuul, a popular streaming platform with a 60 million strong customer base all over Asia. According to the team, there are huge plans in store for the Spokkz platform, which aims at the tokenization of the content industry.  It wants to create a system where community members can stream content seamlessly, while also providing opportunities to content creators to get funding and steam their own content. Another aspect of the system deals with fighting piracy.

The Spokkz team hopes that this partnership will strengthen its place in the global decentralized economy, as the founder Subin Subaiah indicated in a Statement.

“Working with Ontology is a huge opportunity for us. Not only do they bring a well- thought-out infrastructure but, the combination of SPOKKZ’s large user base and Ontology’s stellar technology will be a game changer for the entire token economy. Ontology’s Trust system and SPOKKZ’s decentralized content creation and content viewing is truly a marriage of two significant players who are committed to the decentralized economy and who have the technology and proven track record to ensure a successful collaboration.”

He further added, “With Spokkz, the team aims to go further than simple tokenization of the content industry. Meanwhile, Malaysia, Indonesia, and India are huge markets for media, but they are all ignored by studios that cater to the so-called “first-world” demographic. When people are on the Spuul platform, the Spokkz token will let them connect directly with media producers, and support narratives that tell the stories they find meaningful.”

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Content streaming, coming to a blockchain near you.

What the partnership means

According to the information already revealed, the partnership is focused on improving key areas in both projects. With regards to community and technical cooperation, the focus is on creating conducive environments with individual developer communities. As far technical co-operation is concerned, Ontology’s effective blockchain based system will enable the smooth docking of decentralized apps created on the Spokkz platform, meaning that all Spokkz based dApps will be available on Ontology’s Mainnet.

As Ontology already has a strong user base and community behind it, it is expected that this strategic alliance will only speed up the commercialization of their blockchain systems, increasing the number of individual blockchain set ups, which in turn results in increased profit levels. Finally, with a 60 million strong user base, already achieved by Spokkz, it is expected that the partnership will empower other decentralized apps on the Ontology network with the power to auction or to purchase on various platforms.

There’s no denying the expansive impact blockchain technology has had on business sectors in the past 2 years, and there’s no reason to believe the content streaming industry will be any different. Thus, the partnership between Ontology and Spokkz is a welcome move to the content streaming industry, which has been plagued by its own shortcomings such as piracy. With the world of blockchain apps still expanding, the fruition of such projects would only increase the validity of blockchain projects in the general public’s eye.


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