SP4C3 Network Announces Full Plan of Test Network


SP4C3 Network recently announced the full plan of the test Network in two separate phases, and the technical team is preparing for the test.

The SP4C3 test Network is mainly divided into two important structures. The first is the computing power support for Ethereum Network, and the second is the SP4C3 event driver and the corresponding AI algorithm and related smart contract deployment.

Both of these two structures are managed by the AI computing force scheduling platform of SP4C3 Network to solve the docking and re-usage issues of tools and application of the frontend and computing storage engines of the backend by the Computation middleware SP4C3 Links..

The first structure is computing power support for Ethereum Network, where SP4C3 Network uses a high-performance AI server with a TPU architecture at its core to perform hardware support by deploying AI algorithms and node AI power to compute hash rates.

This will be a generational step forward for Ethereum computing power and allow it to exist not just to earn tokens, but to actually run applications. Of course, rewarding power providers with ETH will encourage more AI power hardware and large power centers to gradually join the Ethereum Network for the next generation.

Some hardware engineers are well aware of the essential difference between TPU and GPU, which is why the computing power is strongly supported by the cross-era progress. With the continuous improvement of the transmission bandwidth and speed of human social network, we also believe that TPU will gradually replace GPU in some fields.

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The second structure is the event driver of SP4C3 and the corresponding AI algorithm and related smart contract deployment. This is not only the key to the commercial operation of the SP4C3 Network, but also the key to the practical application of the Ethereum Network, rather than just meaningless blockchain projects to constantly create tokens to facilitate transactions between tokens or to obtain money.

In the test Network, the event-based architecture of SP4C3 Network will realize the deployment of smart contracts on Ethereum Network, and realize the EVENT architecture, including AI compute node connection and management, data exchange, and the decomposition of events into detailed computing tasks and distribution tasks. Improve the function of SP4C3 network ecosystem smart contract to realize the overall architecture. And the Node end NEP Program (Node Event Program) is constructed to realize data interaction between AI hardware and SP4C3 Network.

Recently, some friends engaged in IT and computer engineering have raised questions, most of which are aimed at SP4C3 Network. They mentioned that in the AI field, there are giants like Google’s cloud computing power and AWS’s distributed storage, and they are dominating the market. They have a lot of scientific experts constantly conducting research and development and testing to maintain the leading technology, which is very unfavorable for SP4C3. It is too difficult for such a complex project to face the pressure of giant commercial companies.

Their concerns and doubts about SP4C3 Network, in our opinion, the competition is not a bad thing, but a great opportunity. When blockchain technology is becoming a very mature technology. At the same time, when BTC just emerged, the banking and financial system had been operating for several centuries, which was also a very old, mature and constantly updated system.

As for SP4C3 Network, we can learn from and use more open source systems, rather than build a giant with closed core technologies like Google and AWS, so that SP4C3 Network can grow faster.

Secondly, about the cost of commercial use, Google and AWS are expensive, while the ecosystem of SP4C3 Network is completely open, and the commercial cost of AI cloud computing power and distributed storage is adjusted according to market supply and demand. We believe that there will be a huge gap between this and the commercial use price of Google and AWS. SP4C3 Network creates a cheap and good open service system, why wouldn’t users consider it? It’s worth the try.

In terms of the future, the metaverse concept, we see that the mobile devices of the metaverse need to realize the requirements of end-to-end engine and end-to-end intelligence, which require extremely high computing power and are endless demands. Semiconductor manufacturers such as Nvidia and TSMC are also pushing the computing power ceiling exponentially, and Nvidia’s technical experts have said that the metaverse cannot be achieved by one company, but requires the joint efforts of multiple platforms and companies. Meanwhile, SP4C3 Network based on AI computing power will also make continuous progress with the continuous upgrading of hardware and improve the computing power and service capability of AI cloud.

With the continuous progress of blockchain technology, SP4C3 Network will not only see the difficulties and pressures in front of it and stop. Instead of worrying and panic, it will continue to solve problems with ecosystem partners, and continue to advance and grow. This is what all members of SP4C3 Network have been insisting on. 


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