SOSV’s dlab Collaborates with Cartesi to Accelerate the Growth of Cartesi Labs Participants

The partnership will see promising projects supported by the programmatic venture capital firm.

With Bitcoin prices soaring in recent months and Ethereum touching $3000 this week, the eyes of investors everywhere are on cryptocurrencies and the next big blockchain startups. But besides offering the possibility for a great return on investment for early investors, blockchain technology is truly revolutionizing business models in almost every corner of industry; project founders and teams are building protocols and platforms that are disrupting finance, eCommerce and much more.

Cartesi is a platform that has been making waves in the blockchain industry for many months now, standing as one of few projects that can truly open the gates for mainstream adoption of the technology, via tools that bridge the gap to blockchain software development for traditional developers worldwide. More recently the team behind Cartesi has made even more headway towards supporting a Cambrian explosion of growth in the blockchain sector; as well as opening a dedicated “smart contract lab” at IMPA headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Cartesi has also announced the opening of Cartesi Labs, a program consisting of grants, an accelerator and academic programs that are aimed at incentivizing the development of the Cartesi ecosystem.

Having recently announced a slew of high level partnerships including Elrond and Polygon, this week Cartesi announced that they will be partnering with programmatic venture capital firm dlab to offer extended support to Cartesi Labs participants building the innovations of tomorrow. dlab was founded in 2018 and, as part of the SOSV accelerator family,  gives promising project founders and teams access to a vast network of founders, investors, leading infrastructure providers and partners in the emerging technologies space.

Nurturing the Growth of the World’s Best Blockchain Startups

The Cartesi Labs accelerator program utilises a strong network of venture capital firms, angel investors, mentors and partners to give fresh projects looking to build on Cartesi the support they need to flourish. Thanks to this new partnership, Cartesi will also be able to lean on dlabs for their expertise and investment support, also exploring synergies with dlabs extensive portfolio of tech companies for possible integration with Cartesi’s technology.

With the projects previous DApp incubation program supporting the growth of 3 exciting new blockchain projects, this new batch of Cartesi Labs participants will also have access to the best resources; in addition, projects will be evaluated for eligibility for a fast-track entrance into dlab for further investment and acceleration opportunities. Cartesi will offer their development resources and knowledge to assist dlab projects 

Supporting the Future of Blockchain Development

Having funded and supported early stage companies from a wide range of industries, the dlabs portfolio consists of several successful blockchain projects such as API3 and Bitmex. dlabs is a product of SOSV, and the multi-stage venture capital firm offers everything that project founders and teams need to hit the ground running, from a global staff of hands-on engineers, designers, accountants, to scientists that can help projects accelerate product development.

“SOSV is one of the most active early stage investors and has an impressive host of mentors, start-ups, and partners. Partnering with dlab, their decentralization arm, will allow Cartesi Labs’ companies to quickly accelerate to the next level through follow-on funding, high-level mentorship, and ultimately the adoption of Cartesi’s technology. We are really excited to continue working with SOSV and dlab as our ecosystem progresses.” – Colin Steil, Cartesi Co-Founder & COO

With $103,000 USD of a $1M USD fund already allocated, the Cartesi Labs program is set to sow the seeds for more exciting projects to be built with Cartesi’s revolutionary tooling; the platform was created with the aim of making blockchain software development more accessible to the millions of traditional software developers around the globe, enabling access to all of the most popular Linux software stacks and libraries within a decentralized environment.

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