The Case for Cryptocurrency in Social Impact is Growing, According to UN Presentation

Blockchain investor turned social impact advocate Bill Tai had it right.

The landscape for crypto investment is volatile, but the case for digital currency in social impact is clear –according to presentations at the Media for Social Impact Summit at the United Nations Office for Partnerships in Manhattan last week.

Media for Social Impact is an initiative of the PVBLIC Foundation, a global media organization with 1,000 partners. Presenters and attendees gathered to discuss the power of technology to drive social change with a theme of “Data for Good.”

A highlight in the day’s proceedings was a panel presentation with cryptocurrency pro Eric Tippetts. Tippetts is co-founder of NASGO, a fast-growing decentralized blockchain application platform that is hastening the availability of dAPP applications for businesses and consumers, with a high focus on advancing the power of tokenization to support humanitarian and philanthropy goals.

Together with platforms such as Do Something Athletic (DSA) and crowd management platform Crowdaa, NASGO is helping celebrities such as rising recording artist Jafaar Jackson (son of Jermaine Jackson and nephew of Michael Jackson) to tokenize his upcoming album release.

Before the summit, Tippetts and Jackson spelled out the strategy for this emerging partnership in a news segment at the NYSE on In a move the company believes will be increasingly common, NASGO will lead the creation of a uniquely branded digital token for use in rewarding an artist’s VIP and loyal customers with branded merchandise, priority seating and early access to music releases.

Jackson intends to use this technology to advance social causes and to continue the social impact legacy begun by Michael Jackson, as one of the world’s most influential advocates for social impact during his life.

Other causes the summit addressed were the need to unite women worldwide to strengthen women’s rights and gender justice, to empower journalists in Africa and to enact environmental protection through the 50 countries and five continents that PVBLIC addresses through local, national and global advocacy.

NASGO emerged in early 2018 as a joint venture by serial entrepreneurs Eric Tippetts and Stephen Jiang. The company markets its services to small-to-medium enterprises through a network of 4,000 representatives and is striving to make digital currency more pervasive and readily available to all.

Do Something Athletic is a mobile and web-based platform for youth sports that connects athletes, parents, coaches and fans on all things related to youth sports. Crowdaa helps content creators engage, interact and receive revenue from their crowds and fanbase.

In all, the thrust of programs such as Media for Social Impact is raising awareness and comfort with blockchain technology as the efforts to establish ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and regulatory guidelines progress.


Jordan French
Jordan French
Jordan French is the Executive Editor of Block Telegraph. He is a multi-media tech journalist on the editorial staff at and a Fast 50 and Inc. 500-ranked entrepreneur. He is the founder of Notability Partners and the co-founder of BNB Shield, Lisbon Hill Farms, Status Labs, BeeHex, BlockTelegraph, and Grit Daily. A biomedical engineer and intellectual-property attorney, French is the author of upcoming book, The Gritty Entrepreneur.

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