Sneaky Vampire Syndicate From Same Artist as Bored Ape Yacht Club Has Big Debut


The artist behind Bored Ape Yacht Club saw the debut of his latest project, Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, met with sky high demand for the NFTs. The drop, which happened last weekend, sold out rapidly as the NFT frenzy continued on, attracting collectors, investors and more. Part of what makes the Sneaky Vampire Syndicate project attractive to the NFT community is the group’s future plans to roll out add-ons such as a game.

The outcome of the SVS drop last weekend yielded 4,600 holders of the NFTs. The team went to lengths to put a system in place that distributed NFTs fairly amongst all people attempting to purchase, achieving a rare 52% distribution. The project also had a unique reservation system that allowed buyers to reserve their purchase during the initial launch and then have a four hour window to complete their purchase. SVS estimates that this saved buyers hundreds of thousands of dollars in gas fees on the Ethereum network and due to failed transactions during a high-demand launch.

The SVS team has now announced that they are donating 45 ETH (roughly $150,000) to three charities chosen by the community. SVS NFT holders will be able to vote on the charities of their choice. 

The team recently sat down with GritDaily to share insights on the launch:

BlockTelegraph: What inspired the SVS project?

Sneaky Vampire Syndicate: The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is an NFT project that began from an idea between a group of friends. All of us here on the team have been friends for a while now as well as being exposed to the NFT scene. We thought since we’ve seen so many animal projects in the space it would be cool to bring something new to the community that could encapsulate pop culture as well as bring a breath of fresh air to the NFT scene as a whole; so we ended up on Vampires. The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate is our take on a refreshing yet innovative NFT project.

BlockTelegraph: What has made it such a buzzed about project in the NFT community?

SVS: Our launch (9 days ago) was quite a surprise for the community. Once we launched and revealed ourselves as the team behind the project, as well as revealing our partnership with our artist Migwashere (former artist for Bored Ape Yacht Club) our project as a whole began exploding. We have seen insane community support and organic growth daily and the support has been tremendous.

BlockTelegraph: What future milestones could the project have?

SVS: We currently have a roadmap, demonstrating only a small amount of what the project has to come.

All vampire holders will receive a special companion, exclusive merch will be released, and there will also be the introduction of the “Vampire Lair”, allowing fellow vampires to hang out with friends in the MetaVerse.

We also already have multiple milestones not included in our roadmap planned – including a game already in development. This browser-based game will only be accessible to those who hold a Vampire, and allow SVS holders to use their Vampire within the game.

We also have much more planned to introduce down the line – which we cannot yet reveal.

BlockTelegraph: What excites you most about the future of the NFT space as a whole?

SVS: An exciting development of the NFT space as a whole is the increased utility coming to NFTs. Up until now, there has been minimal utility across many projects, allowing for the only purposes to be as investments, or as “profile picture projects”.

We are excited that a primary aim of not only our project, but others too, are beginning to adopt more “real-use” cases for their NFTs – such as the ability to access & and play as your Vampire within our game.

BlockTelegraph: What are some of the disruptive possibilities that NFTs hold?

SVS: NFTs hold some incredible potential with what they can bring to our future. As it stands we do know that in the traditional world, especially the art world, things have tended to the same across many years. We have already begun seeing the disruptive possibilities of NFT’s with things such as major NFT collections hitting a lot of traditional major auction houses and art galleries. It is evident and clear that this is just the beginning of a great era of digital art and we could not be more proud to be able to participate and engage in such a promising time.


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