Sex Workers do Real Work – And the Blockchain Can Help Them

It is mostly unfair for an entire industry to suffer from a lack of transparency and security. Because of the nature of the industry, sex workers don’t get the respect and dignity they deserve and are often either taken advantage of or put into stressful situations. Although female adult actors make more than their male counterparts on average, they still don’t see the full fruits of the value that their labor creates.

Sex workers face discrimination, violence, and other human rights violations. This is often a result of the before-mentioned lack of privacy and security but is also the result of a large power imbalance in the workplace. As in many industries where the employer holds all of the cards, sex workers are often taken advantage of.

Imagine the possibility of adult content creators owning both their media and content. Adult content creators require an infrastructure that can empower them to take control of their destiny. This is the future, rather than creative people working for institutions. Even better, adult content creators can gain more power and ownership of their audience data. This is the brilliant future of NFTs within the ever-growing adult content market.

The Adult Industry Has Finally Adopted NFTs

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are defined as assets that are cryptographic and distinct visually. These tokens on the blockchain reveal ownership of a specific digital item.

It is time that the beneficial utilities of NFTs are used by adult content creators. They are the one industry that would benefit significantly from inclusion, and they could become a part of an empowering worldwide movement.

The adult content sector is a market leader when it comes to tech solutions. Therefore, it makes sense that this sector has a significant interest in crypto communities. There are many celebrities who have already begun to take advantage of the unique utilities and, more importantly, the hype surrounding NFTs.

Why Are People Willing to Pay Top Dollar for a Digital Print?

The answer is simple. For centuries, art has been used to store value. Modern digital art ownership is now possible through cryptography. For example, bitcoin rather than gold is the more modern approach to investing.

For example, think of buying and selling trading cards for a profit. However, in the adult content NFTs, you are not limited by a single physical item.

There is speculation that the global pandemic has expedited the boom in NFTs. However, it is worth noting that NFTs were already progressing, particularly with technology today. Adult content platforms appreciate the anonymity of choosing this concept and pursuing it, knowing it offers excellent solutions to send and pay for content.

One option is to sell video clips as NFTs. These marketplaces are familiar, and the clips can be stored on a blockchain. Cryptocurrency allows for transactions that are safe for buyers, particularly when they want to make payments. Sellers also benefit from more significant returns than many existing adult content platforms.

Adult Content Increases in Value with Personal Connections

At their core, adult material NFTs are pornographic, which is why they are the mainstay of the adult entertainment industry. People continue to purchase adult material due to their perceived value of it and enjoyment. This content is available for purchase while others choose illegal downloads. When you buy an NFT, you support the artist and receive a uniquely registered piece.

The power of NFTs comes from the creator and consumer link. Adult content consumers appreciate personal connections to their targets of interest, which is why adult clubs in the real world are so popular. NFTs introduce an element of exclusivity. Everyone is after a simple solution without cost implications for hosting with each transaction. This solution would be peer-to-peer transactions that are highly discreet on the blockchain. In this model, the production and consumption of this content is more ethical, as well as secure.

Adult Content Industry and Privacy

Even though the adult content industry consistently reveals negative characteristics, the demand for adult content continues to grow. Because of how easy it can be to access adult content on the internet where everything is anonymous, there are many privacy concerns and potential security issues. Mostly, it opens the door for underage viewing.

Providers and consumers may utilize blockchain technology to maintain privacy. This is because transactions are untraceable if they are done using cryptocurrency.

NFTs for adult content marketplaces ensure no privacy concerns from the content consumers or content creators. This is because payments are made using technology that has been decentralized through blockchain. This means that there are no names, payment data, or credit card bills to be contained within this method.

With NFTs, you benefit from having something that can neither be corrupted nor copied. Furthermore, you gain access to a market area that is readily accessible.

The Benefits

As an adult content creator, choosing NFTs gives you the power necessary to have full control of your work terms.

They can also assess and measure their entire collection of works to benefit experiences even after new content is not being produced.

Fans also have the chance to become financial investors, as there is better interaction directly with fans. This is an added advantage of going into the NFT realm. As a result, adult entertainment creators will earn more money than ever before.

Egregious human rights violations, human trafficking of women and children, and posting non-consensual content are some reasons the adult content industry is seen as taboo. Other common challenges include political and religious viewpoints that are typically opposed to what the industry represents.

Adult content may be a means to an end, though producing adult content is a full-time job for others. All jobs have dignity, and Splash seeks to give ethical, consensual adult content creators a secure place to exist.

Diversity and creativity in the artist space are likely to thrive due to the use of NFTs. This means that artists can benefit from the new ecosystems. And thus create fantastic art scenes.

As NFTs are incorruptible, it may be possible to resolve issues that constantly arise with adult content. These issues include illegal recordings, age verifications, and the global rise of sexually explicit content censorship. Adult content NFTs are designed to safeguard, secure, and increase the value of players in this industry.

The Bottom Line

More adult content creators are encouraged to become a part of the NFT market.

Blockchain technology is also accessible by marginalized populations who are seeking more inclusivity. This means that adult content creators can experience how this space is more hospitable.

NFTs will elevate creators of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

There is a symbiotic future between adult content makers and NFTs, and this is because they can be mutually beneficial. It’s all coming together as part of a larger metaverse of decentralized applications and secure, permissionless systems that allow individuals to interact with each other online without worry.

Kurt Ivy
Kurt Ivy
Kurt Ivy is a contributing writer to Block Telegraph. A prolific writer, he is a contributor to Entrepreneur, content writer for Splyt and Gamerse, marketing advisor for Altar and Sapiens, head of content at Crypto PR Labs, and CEO of his own company Coffee Nova. Ivy is a philosopher, futurist, writer, and entrepreneur.

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