The Secret to Ankush Gera’s Cross-Sector Success? People-Centric Investments

    The Secret to Ankush Gera’s Cross-Sector Success? People-Centric Investments

    Investment success in today’s market demands a discerning eye for opportunities and people that transcend traditional boundaries. That is where Ankush Gera stands out, demonstrating how a diversified investment strategy and a focus on people can lead to remarkable outcomes across various sectors. His approach, refined over two decades, offers a blueprint for sustainable growth in the volatile world of finance.

    Gera’s portfolio, encompassing industries including technology, healthcare, and blockchain, reflects his ability to navigate the complexities of the investment landscape. By focusing on the potential of ventures beyond immediate trends, Gera has achieved notable success, underscoring the importance of a broad-based investment philosophy and the people involved in realizing long-term value.

    Diverse Investment Philosophy

    The cornerstone of Ankush Gera’s investment philosophy is a focus on the people and vision behind ventures rather than merely following market trends or speculative bubbles. And it is this approach that has led him to success in a variety of sectors, from Airbnb and Devoted Health to funds like Metastable.

    “In every venture I consider, I look for a spark in the team — things like passion, vision, and resilience. It is as much about the idea as it is about the people driving it,” says Gera. “No matter what sector you are investing in, people are the one constant, and they cannot be ignored if you want to discover a successful opportunity,” he adds.

    Gera sees success in numerous industries because his methodology goes beyond traditional tech investment strategies. He emphasizes a holistic understanding of a company’s mission and the team combined with depth and numbers. It is his people-centric approach that has allowed him to make informed and successful investments and set him apart in the competitive world of finance.

    Successful Investments and Board Roles

    Beyond investing, Gera serves as a board member for companies like Kunai and Junglee, where he has been instrumental in guiding them towards sustainable growth by leveraging his experience and insight.

    “As a board member, my role is about more than governance. It involves mentoring and fostering a successful venture,” explains Gera. “My investment in companies is not just financial — it is a commitment to nurturing those that have the potential to redefine their industries and succeed.”

    Gera’s portfolio is further diversified with investments in funds such as Griffin Partners, Uncorrelated, and Better Capital, reflecting his ability to discern opportunities that promise not just financial returns but also substantial societal impact.

    Human-Centric Approach

    However, one notable point in Gera’s investment strategy is his human-centric approach. He believes that the true measure of a venture’s potential lies in the capabilities and vision of the people behind it.

    This belief has guided Gera’s investments across various sectors, including tech-focused areas like fintech and AI, where he looks for teams that combine technical excellence with a commitment to ethical practices and meaningful innovation.

    “The goal is to invest in successful companies capable of making outsized returns, and the human element plays a sizable role in sustainable success,” remarks Gera. It is that very perspective that has led to his current achievements.

    Investing Beyond Technology

    The world is increasingly driven by numbers and technology, but the human element remains crucial. Ankush Gera’s success stems not just from choosing profitable ventures, but from investing in teams that are skilled, passionate, and committed to their vision. It is an approach that highlights the importance of looking beyond financial metrics and technological prowess to the people pushing innovation forward.


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