Seaquake: Delivering Next-Level Stability and Liquidity Solutions to the Cryptocurrency Community

Seakquake founder and CEO Andrew Katz

Seakquake Founder and CEO Andrew Katz aims to build a full crypto ecosystem.

Seaquake, established in 2016, provides infrastructure for the digital asset market. Under the leadership of Founder and CEO Andrew Katz, Seaquake looks to become a full crypto ecosystem in the very near future.

Seaquake provides institutional-grade stability, liquidity, and trade execution solutions to the digital asset market, utilizing a combination engine to automate the strategy creation process and deliver quantitative volume on listed pairs across crypto exchanges around the world. Seaquake’s innovative ecosystem is designed to drive a healthy trading landscape across multiple lines of business, including quantifiable models, data collection and processing, liquidity, and order matching. The engine develops key performance indicators for each crypto project, while also executing trades using its low-latency data.

Seaquake also helps with listing digital projects. Capitalizing on prior relationships with crypto exchanges – as well as an extensive network of exchange contacts – Seaquake has successfully assisted with listings across a variety of exchanges, demonstrating the company’s significant and proven expertise in this area. 

A Solid Team

Seaquake has a solid team in place to provide current services and continue to expand the ecosystem. Sequake CEO Katz completed his Finance Master’s degree at Harvard University. Prior to Seaquake, Katz delivered end-to-end solutions for startups as Partner at Smoking Gun Media.

Dylan Knight serves as lead engineer and CTO at Seaquake. Knight is responsible for mastermninding the delivery approach for Seaquake’s internal and external projects. Knight’s drive and passion for learning and technology allows the Seaquake team to explore and execute any solution within the crypto sphere.

Matthew Kreuger, a partner and CFO, has 20 years of experience in finance and fintech. Formerly, he was head of finance for PayPal and Venmo, where he launched Venmo Debit and managed PayPal risk. His experience is particularly relevant because PayPal also accepts crypto and allows withdrawals.

Daniel Large, a partner and CIO, has more than five years of experience with technology infrastructure. He was the test lead for TPICAPs Fusion trading platform and a senior consultant for Ten10, which has provided tech talent to such well-known brands as SkyBet and UKGOV.

A Range of Investors

The company also has several investors to ensure its success. They include Artisian, Percival, Blockchain Founders Fund, Red Spark, and Scalex.


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