Sansu Announces Launch of The Myth of Sanshu, Limited Edition Yokai Card Collection

Sanshu announces the launch of The Myth of Sanshu, Limited Edition Yokai Card Collection, with hopes to turn it into a full animation movie and become blockchain’s first animated series backed by a decentralized community.

With this manga story-telling collection, the company adds to its already thriving collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This collection is sure to generate excitement in the crypto manga community. The Myth of Sanshu Yoikai NFT collection is available for sale now.

The Myth of Sanshu Limited Edition Yokai Card Collection is a cool, colorful collection of characters created by Sanshu Studios. The studio is crypto’s first decentralized design studio with artists and designers from around the globe dedicated to creating Pixar-grade animation for blockchain. In addition to the unique Myth of Sanshu characters, the studio created a stunning and stylistic trailer in conjunction with the launch of the card collection. The trailer’s vivid look and realistic graphics are sure to create eager anticipation for the card collection.

Sanshu Studios is a Web 3.0’s very first community owned brand. With 44,000 holders and a member of the DOGE family, the company prides itself on a community focus. The company includes its community in its decisions, so decisions are made by all. The company is happy if the community benefits. In this way, the company and community grow together. In effect, the company stays flexible and adapts to community suggestions.

The company offers a fully deflationary token that burns and redistributes tokens on every single transaction. Its burn and redistribution system means that for 1% of each transaction burned, 1% is distributed as rewards to holders. As a result, it reduces the total circulating supply of coins, making its holder’s coins more valuable. To date, the company has burned more than 58% of its token supply, a stat that is fully verifiable on Etherscan.

Sanshu had a fair launch. It features no team tokens, no manipulation, and no whales. Its focus is on its growing community. The company’s exciting roadmap shows the chronology of the company from its token fair launch, Coin Gecko listing, smart contract audit, marketing expansion, and reward strategies. Its latest roadmap innovation is the launch of its fun and interactive dApp Dog Park, where users can stake popular meme coins to earn an index fund token. With its Dog Park, the company gamefies its user experience, making its rewards journey a lucrative and fun experience.

Your interactive and community-based experience with Sanshu begins here.

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