SafeMoon Advances the Broadening Conversation on ‘Return on Impact’ at SxSW and March 24, 2022, NGOCSD-NY, UN We Need Event

Conversation launched by CEO John Karony at SxSW Continues with Presentation at ‘Women Leaders Impact Change Globally’ Event by Global HR Director Kate Porter at March 24, 2022, Event

Silicon Slopes, UT –Technology ecosystem leader SafeMoon is initiating and broadening the conversation around venture philanthropy and Return on Impact – the ability to advance social impact in the fastest and most effective possible ways. Specifically, SafeMoon is embodying the ability to create bigger and broader humanitarian impacts through blockchain and crypto technology, removing many aspects of the friction that make traditional development both time-consuming and costly. With an open and transparent Defi ecosystem, organizations can make humanitarian efforts their True North principle while also creating a profit – the Return on Impact – that allows the organization to spread its social impact much further and faster while also maintaining the ability to be self-funding, sustainable, and able to grow.

Last week, CEO John Karony introduced the concept during panels and interviews with editorial leaders, including author and TV personality Robin Raskin, Sydney Bradley of Business Insider, Casey Craig of Coindesk, and Jade Scipioni of CNBC during the SafeMoon Saturday event at the Grit Daily Media House at SxSW. This week the dialogue continues to grow in a virtual broadcast presentation on March 24, 2022, by Kate Porter, SafeMoon’s Global Director of HR, at the “Women Leaders Impact Change Globally” event presented by the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development-NY together with the Coalition UN We Need, the PVBLIC Foundation and partnering organizations including SafeMoon.

Readers can hear Karony’s remarks and podcast appearances through the Grit Daily News YouTube channel, available here. Readers can RSVP here for “CSW66 Dialogue: Women Change Globally” on March 24, 2022 from 1-3:30 EDT, during which Porter will be sharing her remarks. The event, and Porter’s presentation, will also be available following the March 24 event through a link that SafeMoon will later provide via

For more information about SafeMoon’s Defi ecosystem and model, readers can visit

About SafeMoon

SafeMoon is a human-focused and privately-held technology company headquartered in Utah with a secondary presence in the U.K. SafeMoon introduced its unique protocol and vision in early 2021, quickly rising to support an audience of multiple million participants (the #SAFEMOONARMY) by January 2022). SafeMoon’s longer-term goal is the advancement of its Defi products and services into an ecosystem that makes the blockchain’s power available to a much broader community, and to include the power of this vast community to support and advance new sustainable technologies in a model of Venture Philanthropy, to create and propel innovations for good while also producing a profit and a sustainable model for growth. For more information, readers can visit

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