Virgin’s Richard Branson to Headline Money20/20 USA’s Keynote Session

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Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson to Detail His Legacy

Money20/20 and Feedzai have announced that investment pioneer Sir Richard Branson will head their international tech conference in Las Vegas on October 22.

Branson’s talk, “Nuno & Sir Richard Branson: New Tech, New Banks, New Frontiers,” will be led by Feedzai CEO Nuno Sebastiao and cover such topics as Branson’s past successes, including his founding of his global investment company Virgin Group and his extensive philanthropic work, as well as innovative new technologies and working in the finance industry.

In a press release from Money20/20, Sebastiao expressed his excitement to lead a discussion with a prominent figure like Branson, whose innovations and success make him stand apart in the technology and finance sectors.

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Branson says his success comes from his intense focus on building businesses that operate differently from other companies and are determined to make their own rules for success. He says this revolutionary model was the best way he found to challenge the practices of business as usual and take things in the investment sector to a whole different level.

The entrepreneur dove into the magazine business at the age of 16. He later developed an interest in investment when he founded the Virgin Group in 1970. Since then, the company has grown to span the industries of communication, finance, entertainment, travel, and more. Its success has given Branson the opportunity to found a dynasty under the Virgin name, which garners respect from companies around the world. He also has an established foothold in charity work, helping others create innovative businesses for the future, donating, and establishing green initiatives.

Money20/20 and Feedzai Plan the Future of Tech

In 2011, Money20/20 was founded with the goal of bringing together those at the forefront of innovation in the financial services industry. The company is known for its skillful and industry-shaping networking, hosting annual events in the United States and Europe. Money20/20 is currently undergoing a period of extensive expansion, opening another chapter in Singapore in March. A fourth is planned to open in China in November of this year.

Feedzai Frontiers is an international conference series that aims to bring together influencers to discuss challenges and opportunities in the world of technology. Topics include the future of artificial intelligence, developing new security measures, and the risks associated with a growing digital business environment. The main purpose behind Feedzai’s conferences is to contribute to the development of platforms that will increase financial security on a global scale, enabling companies to better serve their customers’ needs.

Branson’s talk will take place on Monday, October 22 at 5 pm. Topics during the session will include technology, the future of money, and entrepreneurship. VIP guests will have the opportunity to meet the entrepreneur for a backstage group session and receive a signed copy of his updated autobiography, Finding My Virginity.


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