Raku Coin: The Cryptocurrency Trying to go to the Moon (and Mars!)

Cryptocurrency is here to stay. In fact it’s gotten so popular major card companies are looking at backing these cryptocurrencies

With more and more cryptocurrency springing up, others similar to dogecoin are paving the way using humor for the future.

Another “meme coin” has popped up, and that is Raku Coin or $RAKUC, which is another decentralized coin used by the community, where each owner is a part of the network and a contributor.

The coin was founded in May 2021 with the goal to use the Hype for Dogs meme project with one true purpose—to make cryptocurrency mainstream through decentralized exchanges, NFTs, auto forming yield, and technological advancement.

Raku coin is trying to go to the MOON and further—maybe even Mars!

The Products

The products vary and the company offers games, tech, a store, and even a centralized marketplace exchange where people can earn Raku Coin by selling artwork and collections.

The token is an ERC20 that has a 2% redistribution fee, so every time a transaction is made the user can grow their wallet and their funding.

The token can be exchanged at the Raku square, where you can earn NFTs and sell different collections, domain names, music, and even art.

The exchange is done through the Raku home which is a mobile app that has the ecosystem functions, where users can look at the Raku coin they’re earning in real-time, along with the wallet balance displaying their earnings.

The Raku store is where you can exchange Raku Coin for merchandise. The proceeds from each exchange support the growth of Raku coin. 

The Raku technology is a series of various gadgets and devices, used to appeal to gamers and tech fans alike. 

The Values

Rakucoins has a variety of values that set them apart from the rest.

First, they’re transparent and offer communication on the development and updates for Raku coin.

They’re community driven, and encourage group efforts and healthy participation in order to improve progress and development of the coin.

With transparency comes trust, and Raku coin audits frequently to make sure there is less risk.

Finally, they’re future-proof, with plans for long-term growth and development benefiting everyone, and offering fruitful opportunities for investment along with expansion.

About this Coin

Raku coin is decentralized and is a peer-to-peer meme coin owned by everyone. It means every user is valuable, and contributes to the network.

Currently there are 1 trillion tokens, with 500 billion of these burned. The rest of these coins are in an UniSwap pool, which has a zero percent risk to the inventors here.

With every transaction, holders earn 2% of the rewards, and 1 percent is then sent to the marketing wallet.

Raku coin is done on an Ethereum blockchain, and currently the supply is circulating. It is fully decentralized, so all developments and campaigns will be planned with community members through a voice meeting.

Raku coin wants to advance further into cryptocurrency by putting out products which are innovative including mobile apps, NFTs, advanced technology and NFTs. The ultimate goal is total sustainability of the coin and its community.

Where Funding Goes

Most of the funding comes from the transactions that will fund their marketing but Raku coin wants to also help those in the real world as well.

They plan to use the coin to help support homeless dogs, getting them to a shelter. They plan to do charity events to help the dogs, providing the best shelter they can.

Raku believes “Every dog deserves a home” and their mission, while offering a decentralized currency, is as well to help give dogs a home.

The Project Phases

The project currently has four phases. First there is the launch of all the services, with 5000 holders and a white paper release to launch a marketing campaign.

Then there is phase 2, which is the growth stage with 5000-15000 holders, upgrading the coin to version 2 and listing it on Coin Marketcap and Coingecko.

The third phase is the launch of the merchandise store, with further partnerships, CEX listings, and over 30,000 holders with mobile apps in development as well.

Finally there is phase 4, which is the utility stage where the dog shelter charity is implemented, over 100,000 holders, more partnership, and the Raku technology setup. This is also where the Raku Square, which is the NFT marketplace, will occur.

While they’re still in the inception phase, Raku coin is a promising digital currency. While it’s heralded as a “meme” coin, it is a meme coin with a purpose, and aims to offer a decentralized system for cryptocurrency exchanges and technology. You can buy Raku Coin here and support the budding project.  

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