PulseCon Las Vegas 2022 Lit a Fire to the Crypto Game, Wowing Attendees With “What’s Next” in Tech

PulseCon Las Vegas 2022, presented by FreedomTV.info, is the largest crypto event in Vegas, showcasing the powerful potential of crypto, entertainment, NFTs, and more.

Las Vegas, Nevada – PulseCon Las Vegas 2022 successfully wrapped its Sept. event leaving its audience connected to some of the most prominent players in global finance, blockchain, and entertainment industries. As the launchpad for the largest airdrop in crypto history, the renowned Las Vegas World Trade Centerstood as the home base for esteemed guests to learn, network, collaborate, and experience the bold future of financial tech.

Kicking off the conference, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman expressed proudly, “Las Vegas is still the land of opportunity and excitement” – a “smart city” prioritizing technological advancement.” Celebrities at her side included multi-platinum producer/pioneering music industry mogul and creator of the “New Jack Swing” genre Teddy Riley and his TV Personality daughter, Nia Riley, best known for Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

Thanks to PulseCon Las Vegas 2022 Founder Tony Salazar of freedomtv.info, the hybrid event ignited the game for developers, users, and crypto investors across the globe. He and the creators of PulseCon helped Hex Founder Richard Heart launch the PulseChain Network, enabling the trading of thousands of ERC20 tokens, along with the duplication of NFTs. The event also showcased additional cryptocurrency and cross-chain networks.

Attendees networked with some of the industry’s most progressive professionals, disruptive digital technologies, tech founder insights, new crypto, NFTs in entertainment, and more through featured sessions, keynotes, panels, vendors, and exhibitors. Event highlights included:

  • The launch of video industry icon Mitch Lowe’s new book, “Watch and Learn: How I Turned Hollywood Upside Down with Netflix, Redbox, and Movie Pass,” – also discussed how the Meta Entertainment World, Inc.summit will double down with business-to-business in the metaverse.
  • Session Wire was introduced as the premier remote music production app for NFT publishers.
  • Mintra.io was introduced as the newest NFT marketplace, launching in early 2023.
  • Rick and Morty Artist David Angelo Roman’s NFT debut.

Keynote speakers included Ernie Singleton of Singleton Entertainment Corp.; Mike Johns, founder of Digital Mind State; Mitch Lowe, co-founder of Meta Entertainment and Netflix; George Chanos, former Nevada Attorney General; Richard Heart, founder of PulseChain; and Madame et Monsieur Co-Owner/International Wellness Coach Robey Taute.

Programming also provided a panel for each participant’s purpose, including Singleton Entertainment CEO Ernie Singleton, PLSpeak Founder/CEO Mike Chan, Daigen Protocol Founder/CEO Crypto Blackship, Internet Money Founder/CEO Brother KG, and Love.io Founder/CEO Anders Johnson. The All-Star NFT Panel covered the tales of Jake Galen, Co-Founder of Native Research; Pixie Paula of Barrelphi Genesis Vintage Striped Pig Collection; former Solid Block Web 3 Lead Lydia Sher; and Technology/Creative/Crypto Rockstar Teddy Campos.

An Unacceptable Freedom panel included Texan Token co-founder Rags to Riches; Crypto Mindset Co-Founder Dollar Cost Crypto; Tony Salazar, founder/CEO of Freedom.TV; Thoughtschild Edutainment founder and Mindspray host; crypto/technology specialist NRDGRL007; and NFT project consultant Valentino SL. The mind-blowing development panel provided behind-the-scenes insights from Senior Level Architect Lawrence Rowland. In contrast, a music/entertainment panel led by Singleton Entertainment Corp CEO Ernie Singleton and New Era Entertainment’s Danny Hamilton discussed how blockchain and NFTs drive growth in the entertainment industry.

PulseCon Las Vegas 2022 is grateful for the incredible turnout from ticket holders, event sponsors, and exhibitors Mintra; Love.io;Degenprotocol.io; Hedron; PLSpeak; andStripperville.io. Plans for extensive growth, collaboration, and “what’s next” for the group await Q4 public announcement.


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