Public Pressure Launches NFT Music Platform


DUBLIN, IRELAND & MILAN, ITALY (October 13, 2021) – Public Pressure is a European-founded and women-led new NFT music marketplace connecting thousands of artists and brands with fans around the globe. The disruptive platform is a music and entertainment ecosystem helping artists and brands create and distribute NFTs to superfans and collectors. The name and cultural background of the brand is inherited from the UK-based online magazine, Public Pressure, and now part of the revolutionary platform led by a team of music executives, fashion creatives, and blockchain and cryptocurrency experts.

Built on the eco-friendly Polygon blockchain protocol with a mission to leverage disruptive technologies to create a sustainable economic model that will remodel the music industry from the ground up, Public Pressure works with artists, music labels and brands on strategy, NFT development and creation, distribution and marketing via its proprietary NFT marketplace. With a goal to break down barriers to entry to the new digital ecosystem and with a focus on engaging fans and superfans, the platform aims to create closer relationships between artists and fans. The marketplace doubles as a creative agency to concept, develop and curate partnerships between artists and brands and artists and fans. The platform is easy to use and designed to accept both fiat and cryptocurrency. 

“Public Pressure is kickstarting a new Italian Renaissance in the modern digital world. Our platform will take NFTs to the next level and bridge digital and physical worlds, creating a new economic engine. Our platform allows artists, labels and brands to create and sell exclusive digital assets with the option to include limited edition physical formats, apparel, merchandising and access to live events with VIP experiences”, says Giulia Maresca, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Public Pressure.

”I love the NFT creative process, talking to artists and brands, and developing unique digital experiences. It takes me back to my fashion mood boards, but with much more scope for experimentation”, says Francesca Versace, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Public Pressure.

Public Pressure will launch with select partners including Grammy Award-winning Lark Creative, UK Hip hop label High Focus and including a groundbreaking collaboration with Patrick Moxey Founder and CEO of Ultra Music, house of artists such as SOFI TUKKER, Steve Aoki, Black Coffee, and many more.

Public Pressure Co-Founder and President, Sergio Mottola says,”Less than 20% of total music revenues goes to  artists . We believe the NFT landscape is today very enticing for any artist to enter. If we ignore the unrealistic price tags some sales are making; we are left with a very compelling distribution format, which will allow musicians to capture more value.”

The platform is currently in the process of working with visual artists and brands to create the first fifty drops from a balanced selection of high profile and emerging musicians. Public Pressure will also be releasing its own token system, ‘Art to Earn’, JTP (Join The Pressure) token, later this year. 

Public Pressure is co-founded by fashion thought leaders and respected designers, Giulia Maresca and Francesca Versace, longtime blockchain and cryptocurrency investment expert Sergio Mottola, and recording artist and label owner Alfredo Violante.


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