Where do Medicinal Psychedelics and US Real Estate Conservation Converge in Web3? Welcome to The Atrium

The Atrium

A new Web3 cooperative structure has emerged with the launch of The Atrium, a venture that unifies legal medicinal psychedelics and U.S. real-estate conversation as its primary initiatives through two patent-pending technologies. 

The Atrium will soon begin offering exclusive StarHolder NFTs, making holders eligible to become Member StarHolders (patron members) in this novel cooperative structure. Formed as a Limited Cooperative Association with two patent-pending technologies, The Atrium will offer StarHolder NFTs in select volume amounts known as StarWaves, with the beginning and earlier StarWaves receiving the highest discounts and added early adoption benefits. Calling itself a “Togetherative,” The Atrium will only welcome up to 100,000 Member StarHolders to propel its aspiring efforts toward a new era of restoration.

The SPACE Platform: Bringing Web3 to Earth, Bringing Community Together

The Atrium’s core patent-pending platform, The StarWave Planetary Agriculture and Conservation Easement (SPACE) platform, is built on the Polygon network and is set to lazy-mint token bound StarHolder NFTs which enable holders to become eligible to join the cooperative as Member StarHolders. The SPACE is where Member StarHolders connect their wallets to access token-bound accounts that accumulate StarLight Credits at 1 per day beginning on 01 January 2024 and participate in the full Togetherative economy. 

StarHolder NFTs minted on The SPACE have integrated contract automations directly onto the NFTs that initiate refund transfers, access The Atrium’s private Member StarHolder Discord channels, and visually render the Membership status icon that, upon becoming a Member StarHolder, enables The SPACE icon for easier platform access.

A Stabilized and Localized Frontier: The HALO Ecosystem

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Member StarHolders participate in the patent-pending Heliospheric Address Localized (HALO) ecosystem, which vastly advances DeFi via a continual credit-token redemption technology. HALO works by assigning each Member StarHolder token bound account 1 x StarLight Credit per day on the SPACE platform. Once The Atrium values the StarLight Credit from the available USDC supply garden, SPACE generates claimable EarthLight Tokens that can either be used to purchase aceNFTs at a 1.5% discount or redeemed directly for USDC. With The Atrium’s LCA model, patron member StarHolders will receive annual patronage dividends, when declared, available, and redeemable, by The SPACE patronage redemption facility from cooperative activities. The LCA plans to source revenue from medicinal psychedelic capital management and the exclusive corporate foundation’s program related investment venture. 

Each year, the HALO ecosystem repeats itself to execute indefinitely in line with its LCA charter which prevents inflationary or deflationary pressures as patronage dividends are distributed from an annually backed USDC supply.

Preserving Nature, Restoring Earth with aceNFTs on The SPACE

In 2024, The Atrium will debut agriculture and conservation easement (ace)NFTs available for purchase only to Member StarHolders. aceNFTs will be comprised of tokenized real-estate contracts that, upon purchase, trigger a clever titling function that pays an eligible U.S. property owner for an appraised conservation easement and titles this easement to The Atrium’s planned exclusive corporate foundation. Why buy an aceNFT in 2024? If unlocking a perpetual conservation benefit wasn’t enough, the purchasing Member StarHolder goes Nova by becoming a Member NovaHolder for that year of purchase and receives a higher net annual patronage dividend with added StarLight Credits through the HALO ecosystem.

StarWave Alpha, with only 500 available StarHolder NFTs, and StarWave 0 (Zero), with only 950 available StarHolder NFTs, directly finance The Atrium and receive the highest benefits with the lowest prices, years of membership fees waived, and perpetual aceNFT purchasing perks. StarWave 1 through StarWave Omega StarHolder NFT purchases enable an even quarter-split operation with 25% of the purchasing price evenly allocated to: The Atrium, refund return, affiliated medicinal psychedelic capital program, and planned conservation land trust subsidiary. The planned conservation land trust subsidiary will target US real estate purchases to advance its mission of restoring nature and enabling perpetual conservation efforts.

Jake Hammock and Dr. Adel ElMessiry, who co-founded The Atrium, have led the development of many now in use Web3 stacks across DeFi with an applied focus on human and environmental impact. 

According to Hammock, “The Atrium centers on our Togetherative Member StarHolders being the change on our shared journey of restoring the environment through conservation.“ Offering an innovative credit generation and token emission service, HALO solves a crucial accounting problem and opens up a new DeFi economic system entirely.

“The dual credit/token blockchain architecture is a novel approach to account for future revenues,” says Dr. Adel ElMessiry, co-founder and technology advisor. In referencing The Atrium’s 30-day refund policy, Dr. ElMessiry continues, “Implementing an on-chain 30-day NFT refund is the right way to restore trust and transparency in the blockchain industry.”

Delivering an entire ecosystem to operate as a new adoptable model, Hammock has been designing the foundation over several years. He says, “Delivering decentralized access for members to a conservation easement platform, and incentivizing purchasing actions of tokenized easement contracts via our token bound StarHolder NFTs, Togetherative Member StarHolders benefit as the Earth benefits.” Hammock continued, “We have consciously integrated the Web3 HALO stabilization ecosystem within the Togetherative to continually repeat while embracing shared-economic values.”

A Plan of Perpetual Expansion

Integrated into the spirit of The Atrium, is the purchase within five years of more than 10,000+ acres for conservation management, provided equitable access to over 10,000 clients seeking psychedelic medicinal care in regulated jurisdictions through its affiliated capital management program, opened an untapped and novel decentralized conservation easement economy, and consistently rewarded its Member StarHolders. Once the final StarWave, StarWave Omega, closes, The Atrium’s founders have decided to open the Togetherative up for Member StarHolder self-governance to advance the vision and decentralize its founding spirit into those who have joined the journey.

The Testnet is NOW Open  

The Polygon testnet is now open! The Atrium welcomes anyone wishing to help test their ERC 6551 token bound StarHolder NFTs on The SPACE platform to interact with beta contracts and provide feedback. Provide feedback and interact with the team on The Atrium’s Togetherative Discord environment. The official release of StarWave Alpha will open in AD October with a limited 500 x supply valued at 2,750 USDC/per StarHolder NFT. Beaconing as a model of giving back, The Atrium emerges to shine a bright light on a path of restoring our world and faith in each other through being together. All StarHolder NFTs come with a 30-day refund option to further offer good faith and trust as The Atrium ignites this tidal path.

For more information and to test out The SPACE platform before the release of StarWave Alpha, visit the website or connect directly on Discord.


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