Proof of Talk returns to the Louvre Palace as agenda-setting event for Web3


Paris, France, March 5th, 2024, Chainwire

Uniting Web3 Visionaries and Global Leaders

Following the success of its 2023 edition, the Proof of Talk summit, heralded as the Davos of Web3, is back for its second year and brings together thought leaders, investors, CEOs, founders, exchanges, digital asset managers, and regulatory authorities for networking and thought-provoking sessions. Held on 10 and 11 June at the historic Museum of Decorative Arts in the Louvre Palace at the heart of Paris, this summit has its sights on delivering a unique event with a highly-curated audience dedicated to shaping the future of blockchain and global policy.

Last year, Proof of Talk welcomed over 1500 ecosystem participants, including key figures from Binance, VanEck, Ripple, and the World Economic Forum, alongside CEOs and founders of leading blockchain companies and government representatives. After the event distinguished investor, venture partner, and Proof of Talk attendee Leeor Groen, Managing Director, Spartan Group, aptly noted that it was “where Web3 meets the spirit of Davos.” The summit facilitated crucial discussions on rebuilding trust within Web3, reflecting the industry’s need for a platform that encourages genuine engagement, meaningful connections, and strategic collaboration. 

With the SEC’s recent spot Bitcoin ETF approvals and the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation bringing more clarity to the space in Europe, the stage is truly set for widespread blockchain adoption and development of digital assets beyond cryptocurrency. This year’s conference harnesses and reflects this revitalization and will assemble blockchain and Web3 professionals from around the world to engage with C-level executives, explore partnerships, and generate investment opportunities that will reshape industries and create new paradigms.

The highly-curated 2024 forum seeks to welcome over 2500 participants. Combined with a speaker lineup featuring CEOs, founders, and leaders of the Web3 and digital assets industry, the summit features impact-focused networking and a refined agenda. A few of the speakers include:

·     Joseph Lubin CEO and Founder at Consensys

·     Jenny Johnson, CEO, Franklin Templeton

·     Tim Draper, Founder, DFJ

·     Ophelia Snyder, Cofounder President, Ark 21 Shares

·     Mihailo Bjelic, Co-Founder, Polygon

·     Raoul Pal, Crypto Macro Economist

·     Yat Siu, Chairman, Animoca

·     John Wu, President, Ava Labs

·     Justin Sun, Founder, Tron

·     Marieke Flament, former CEO, Near Foundation 

·     Dominic Williams, Founder, DFINITY

·     Björn Wagner, CEO, Parity technologies and Polkadot

·     Jon Fink Isaksen, Head of Policy, Uniswap 

·     Matthew Siegel, Head of Digital Assets, Van Eck

·     Christopher Donovan, COO, NEAR Foundation

·     Lex Sokolin, Managing Partner, Generative Ventures 

·     Digital asset leads from over 30 major TradFi banks

·     Partners from 100+ attending VCs  

The summit’s agenda also actively reflects Web3’s growing importance, with over 20 panels, 10+ workshops, and over five keynotes and firesides on key topics shaping Web3’s future. These include real world asset tokenization, AI-blockchain integration, gaming evolution, and smart contract security.

Zohair Dehnadi, Co-Founder, Proof of Talk and Partner, X-Ventures: “We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received from our 2023 summit, with some attendees even sharing it reminded them of the World Economic Forum’s early days. We’re also delighted at all the interest from both speakers and potential sponsors for this year’s edition. Right now, the industry is on the brink of a new era, and we’ve harnessed this enthusiasm to curate an event with the most influential people from Web3, digital assets, and traditional finance to shape the agenda of the future. It’s important to provide an inspirational forum for these players, from founders and funds to legal experts and regulatory authorities, to engage in high-impact networking, share best practices, and have those necessary but tough discussions that will safely move the space forward. I’m proud to offer the industry such an exclusive experience at one of Paris’ most iconic locations, and am looking forward to seeing everyone in June!”

About Proof of Talk

Proof of Talk is setting a new standard in the Web3 conference landscape, positioning itself not just as another web3 conference but as a pivotal forum where the promise of decentralization comes to life. The summit uniquely combines the essence of traditional economic forums with the dynamic, decentralized Web3 community, fostering an innovative ecosystem of dialogue and action. It stands as a platform for change, where every voice, from the seasoned economist to the radical Web3 founder, contributes to a collective vision of a decentralized economic future. By facilitating engaging discussions and unparalleled networking, participants shape this new landscape. Learn more at

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 X Ventures is a Germany-based digital assets investment fund dedicated to supporting and empowering entrepreneurs in the Web3 industry. Alongside its investment activities, X Ventures founded, aiming to provide accessible education to future leaders worldwide.


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