Proof Of Memes Layer 1 Blockchain Poised for Explosive Growth


Proof Of Memes is a layer 1 Proof Of Work Blockchain named POMchain designed to improve the experience of DeFi crypto trading with a memecoin focus. An entire ecosystem of trading tools and utilities to enhance the memecoin buying and trading process will be constructed through key partnerships with the best developers in the space. The native coin for the new chain, POM acts as an equivalent to ETH on the Ethereum network, covering gas fees for transactions and paying out mining rewards. Since POMchain is based on a fork of Ethereum prior to the merge, individuals will be able to mine POM coin with GPUs or other devices, bringing POM into direct competition with Dogecoin (Doge) and EthereumPoW (ETHW) to capture the former Ethereum mining community.

Any project approved by the Proof Of Memes foundation for inclusion on POMpad will undergo rigorous screening, developer experience reviews, and community review in addition to full KYC disclosure with a set of requirements termed the POMchain project verification protocol (PPVP). Although scams cannot be fully eliminated 100% of the time using the methods used for approving a new project on POMpad, it will greatly reduce the risk of all-too-common problems encountered in DeFi such as rugpulls, pump and dumps, honey pots, among other various types of scams. Any project that does not meet the minimum standards to be on the POMpad launchpad can still launch with a fair launch, presale or private sale without the POM PPVP badge.

In order to raise additional funds for a POM tier 1 exchange listing and enhance liquidity for the ETH2.0 governance token, the Proof Of Memes Foundation has dropped their exclusive LaunchPack NFT collection featuring 490 meme and memecoin themed character designs based on the logo for the ETH2.0. Made with nearly 200 hand drawn custom assets and a theme based on memes, each NFT is truly distinct. Each NFT holder is entitled to a 20% presale discount on the Proof Of Memes blockchain launched on the POMpad launchpad.

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On top of the impressive 20% discount afforded to #LaunchPack NFT holders, every owner of an NFT will be airdropped 10,000 POM when the POMchain mainnet goes live. The POM team has also launched a referral program at which allows anyone who refers a new buyer to purchase a #LaunchPack NFT to be airdropped an additional 10,000 POM coins. The #LaunchPack NFT collection is available to be minted now for a cost of 0.75 Ethereum at The POMchain mainnet is planned to go live in the coming weeks.


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